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Catalog Number L1990.0001.B.0001
Object Name Booklet
Scope & Content Item is a program for the "Third Annual Elks' Show" at the Colonial Theater to take place Febryary 23-25, 1922.

The cover art features a Asian woman dressed in a kimono holding a fan and "The Geisha," written in Asian-style lettering.

The pages inside feature local businesses who supported the show as well as lists of performers and other contributors to the show.

Physical characteristics 9.25 x 6
Title Third Annual Elks' Show
Earliest Date 1922.0
Latest Date 1922.0
Date February, 1922
Language of Material English
Additional Information 0.0
People Abbott, C. S.
Adams, John
Aldrich, Beatrice
Aldrich, G. M.
Aldrich, Mrs. G. M.
Barber, Gertrude
Bartlett, Doris
Bartlett, Evelyn
Bartlett, Evelyn
Bassett, Charles L.
Baulanger, Florina
Bean, Castleton
Bean, Goldie
Bean, Oscar
Bedford, E. R.
Bedford, Mrs. O. M.
Bedford, Oscar
Beliveau, Moses
Bergeron, Lena
Blanchette, Madeline
Blodgett, Mertle
Booth, J. H.
Bothwell, Mrs. R. O.
Bothwell, Ruth
Bourgault, Florence
Brown, Mrs. L. R.
Burke, Nereda
Butler, Mrs. R. E.
Buzzell, Mrs. C. W.
Byse, Mrs. H. W.
Campbell, Verna
Carrigan, Eva
Carroll, Charles E.
Carroll, Mrs. J. H.
Carroll, Mrs. M. J.
Chabot, Beatrice
Chabot, Rosana
Chalmers, Doris
Chase, Ethan A.
Chase, Mrs. H. S.
Chase, Mrs. R. V.
Chase, Olive L.
Cheney, Mrs. T. P.
Clair, Thomas
Clay, F. W.
Clement, Edna
Collin, Robert H.
Collins, Jerry
Cooper, Marie
Cooper, Paul
Cooper, Violet
Corbin, Romeo
Corriveau, Florence
Cotton, Edwin M.
Cotton, Lena
Cowan, William E.
Cox, Frank
Croteau, Henry
Dalton, Bessie
Dame, C. C.
Daney, Rose
Davis, Ellen
Desmarais, Albina
Desmarais, Alice
Doucette, Francis
Dunleavy, Martin
Dupont, William
Dyer, Doris
Dyer, Lucille
Dyer, Nelson
Eastman, Carl
Eastman, Lorine
Eastman, Wilmer
Edwards, Florence Sharpe
Elliott, Roy H.
Emery, Annie
Farmer, C. H.
Filmore, L. R.
Firth, Mrs. R. W.
Fitzgerald, Annie
FItzpatrick, John
Fox, Mrs. T. H.
Furlong, Lena
Gerard, Louise
Gerlach, F. H.
Gero, France
Gibson, Fred I.
Gibson, Hazel Porch
Gigure, Flora
Gilman, C. S.
Gilman, Erva
Gingras, J. H.
Gleason, Fred
Glines, Evelyn
Godbout, Arthur
Goss, Fern
Goss, Mildred
Greene, Mrs. W. C.
Greene, W. C.
Grieve, Richard
Groh, E. J.
Grough, Ruth
Guay, Alfred
Guay, Leo
Guay, Mildred
Guay, Mrs. J. M.
Guymont, Alice
Hale, Fletcher
Hale, Mrs. Fletcher
Hamel, Rodolphe
Harkins, Walter
Harper, Dorothy
Harper, Louise
Harriman, A.H.
Harriman, Mrs. N. J.
Hartwell, Warner W.
Harvell, Ruth
Hawkins, Alice
Hawkins, Harry
Hawkins, Mildred
Hawkins, Mrs. William
Hawkins, Thelma
Heney, Ethel
Hennessey, Rita
Hodgdon, Edwin P. (Dr)
Hoey, Elizabeth
Holt, Laurence
Hopkins, Allen
Hoyt, Beatrice
Hoyt, Park R.
Huckins, J. C.
Hughes, Dorothy
Hughes, Lora
Hyams, Mrs. Joseph
Irwin, Ella J.
Irwin, James R. (Jr)
Jewett, Alice
Jones, Howard
Jones, Mrs. R. G.
Joyce, Marie
Kevil, Arline
Killourhy, Doris
Killourhy, Francis
Killourhy, Gladys
Killourhy, Mrs. J. H.
Killourhy, Ursula
King, W.A.
Knoles, Madison
Knowles, Belle
Knowles, Jane
LaFrance, A. J.
Lamb, Alberta
Lamb, Deveda M.
Laplante, Alice
Laplante, Elizabeth
Larson, Victoria
Levalley, Evelyn
Lucier, Ethel
Lucier, Velma
Mack, Marguerite
Mack, Zaida
Mackay, L. H.
Maher, C. Fred
Malouin, John
Malouin, Raymond
Maltais, Jeanette
Marsland, Hila
Marsland, Wilfred
Martel, Edgar J.
Martel, Mrs. E. J.
Mastoras, George
McCarthy, Mrs. D. W.
McCrillis, Elinor
McCrillis, Mrs. E. J.
McDonald, A. C.
McIntyre, T. J.
McLeod, John
McMurphy, Ruth
Minnon, Joseph
Mitchell, Louise E.
Morancy, Helen
Morgan, Mrs. H. L.
Morin, John B.
Morin, Louise
Morse, Anna
Mycho, Adela
Mycho, William
Noel, Rena
Normandin, Armand
Normandin, Fortunat A.
Normandin, Mrs. E. P.
Norton, Alta
Norton, Eleanor W
Norton, Eugenia
O'Connor, Theresa
O'Shea, Mrs. A. D.
Page, Lucile
Paine, Dorothy
Pearson, Frank E.
Pennock, Olive
Perley, L. K.
Perreault, Mrs. L. V.
Perreault, W. D.
Picard, Mrs. George
Pierson, Mrs. H. W.
Pierson, Theodore C.
Pike, Isabelle
Pike, Mrs. Milo
Pinkham, L. B.
Piper, Ethel
Piper, Ross L.
Plummer, Clarence
Plummer, Wayne M.
Plummer, Wayne M.
Provencal, Henry
Quimby, Charles
Quimby, Mrs. E. N.
Rand, Alice
Reed, Helen
Reil, Edna
Reiley, William S.
Richard, Marguerite
Ringer, Blanche
Ringer, Mrs. G. A.
Roberts, J. L.
Roberts, Mrs. F. S.
Rollins, Mrs. M. L.
Rollins, Vivian
Ross, Elizabeth
Ross, Virginia
Rowe, C. E.
Rowe, Leslie
Rowe, Mrs. C. E.
Royder, Mrs. A. C.
Sanborn, Forrest
Sanborn, Harvey C.
Sargent, Dean
Saunders, Mildred
Searle, C. R.
Senchagrin, Beatrice
Shannon, Maurice
Shastany, Adriene
Shastany, Mrs. C. F.
Shepard, Dora
Shorey, Eunice
Smart, C. L.
Smith, Beatrice
Smith, Mrs. J. S.
Southworth, Bernice
Spaulding, Lena
Spero, Joseph
Spring, Helena
Spring, Mrs. A. W.
St. Clair, J. E.
St. Jacques, Emile
Stevens, Estella
Stinson, Helen
Stone, Anna
Stone, Charles
Stone, Ida
Stone, May
Story, B. F.
Story, Mrs. B. F.
Sullivan, Frank
Talbot, Sylvester
Tardiff, Dora
Tarr, Don
Thompson, Betty
Tilton, Frank P.
Tilton, Kenneth
Tilton, Lillian
True, Mabel Hill
True, Walter H.
Turner, Arthur
Valliere, J. H.
Van Vleck, R. D.
Veasey, Mrs. W. D.
Walker, B. G.
Warren, Mrs. E. L.
Waterman, Charles F.
Watson, Almond
Watson, Louise
Watson, Verna
Way, Ruth
Wheeler, Elise
Whitehead, Alice H.
Wilkinson, Mrs. L. H.
Willey, Mrs. F. S.
Winchester, Charles E.
Search Terms Army and Navy Store
Avery's Music Store
B and S Department Store
Baker and Company Woolens
Bakers Stationary Store
Baldi Building
Baldi Fruit & Confectionary
Beckford and Hibbard Attorneys at Law
Belknap Stocking Company
Belle-Isle Baker
Big Time Stable
Boston Shoe Store
Boynton and Caverly, Distributors
Busy Corner Store
Butler's Garage
Byse's Lunch Cart
Carroll's Barber Shop
Chase's Cafe
Chase's Shoe Store
City Dye and Cleaning House
City Savings Bank
Clough's Market
Cloverdale Creamery
Coca Cola Bottling Company
Colonial Theater
Cox and Fowler Atrtorneys at Law
Davison Motor Car Company
Dinsmoor and Parent
Eagle Hotel
Echo Brook Farm
Elk's Lodge
Esty Sprinkler Manufacturing Co.
F. W. Johnson Boat Builder
Farrar's Remedies
Fasion Parlor
G. H. Smith Company Dry and Fancy Goods
G. H. Tilton & Son Company
Gendron, the Tailor
Goodnow-Hunt-Pearson, Incorporated
Guay - Walker Lunch Room
Guay General Contractor
Guay's Paint Shop
H. H. Wood and Company
Heard's Insurance Agency
Holland the Barber
Hough and Smith Dentists
J. H. Booth and Son Automobile Repairing and Painting
J.W. Busiel Mill
Jones Motors, Incorporated
Keller's Ice Cream & Candies
Knight and Huntress (Dry Goods)
Kostas Romneos Shoe Repair
Laconia Flower Store
Laconia Furniture Company
Laconia Gas and Electric Company
Laconia Jobbing House
Laconia Market Company
Laconia National Bank
Laconia Riding School
Laconia Savings Bank
Laconia Tavern Garage
Laconia Tavern Hotel
Laconia Tire Company
Laconia Toilet Parlors
Lake City Laundry
Lakeport National Bank
Lougee-Robinson Furniture Company
Manchester Union Leader
May the Printer
McCarthy Bros. Clothing
McDuff Machine Company
Melcher-Prescott Agency
Men's Shop
Merrill Optical Company
Morin Studio
Mount Belknap House
Muzzey and Hopkins Contractors and Builders
New York Clothing Company
O'Shea Brothers Department Store
O'Shea Furniture Company
O. A. Flanders Groceries,Meats and Provisions
Old Corner Store
Owen and Veazey Counsellors at Law
Page's Garage
Paquette's Sporting Goods
Payson Jeweler
People's Credit Company
Peoples National Bank
Pitman, J.P. & Co. Hardware Store
Pure Foods Bakery
Puritan Candy Shop
Quinby, A.T., hardware
Rand and Dearborn Grocers
Rexall Drug Store
Robert's Market
Salta's Fruit Store
Sanborn Electrical (601 Main St.)
Story's Drug Store
Sweatman's Famous Ice Cream
Tetley Box Company
Tilton and Hill Insurance
W. A. Moore Footwear
W.D. Huse & Sons Machine Shops
W.J. Clow
Wallace Building Company
Ward Undertaker Company
Webber's Bakery
Weirs Summer Ballroom
Willey's Express
Young and Cheeny Attorneys
Zunino Mini Fruits and Tabacco
Subjects 1910s
Appliance stores
Automobile industry
Automobile service stations
Beauty parlors
Bicycle shops
Building construction
Contract laborers
Cultural buildings
Department stores
Drug stores
Furniture stores
Garages, Commercial
Grocery stores
Hardware stores
Machine shops
Machinery industry
Paints & varnishes
Performance art
Plumbing industry
Sporting goods
Sporting goods stores
Theater programs
Theatrical productions
Tourist trade
Wallpaper industry