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Catalog Number B1997.24.1
Object Name Cartoon
Scope & Content This color printed comic strip depicts an "Archie" cartoon by Bob Montana. It is eleven panels long.

In the first panel, Veronica, ______(Pops?), Archie, and Jughead are sitting in the soda shop. Veronica reads a newspaper with "John Phillip / Sues a music" as the headline. She says, "This new developer, Jonathan Progress, is buying up everything in Riverdale!" ______ says, "He wants to build a shopping center where the old J.C. Wilbur grist mill is!" Archie says, "Tear down the Wilbur Mill? Why, thats one of our top landmarks!"
The next panel is just Jughead's head against a plain red ground. "It'll be a BLACK-top landmark!"
The third panel is Archie and Veronica talking to Betty. Archie: "Don't you understand? They want to tear down the old grist mill!" Veronica: "And put up anther shopping center!"
In the fourth panel Jughead, Betty, and Archie sit near the counter. "Well, nobody wants to buy 'grist' any more!", says Jughead. "But the old mill is a historic site!", says Betty. Archie says, "I'll say! With those broken windows!"
In the fifth panel the soda jerk is reminiscent, "Years ago you could go down and look at the river turn the water wheel." An unidentified boy says, "One look at the river now will turn your stomach!" In panel six Veronica has approached her father. He is saying: "S.T.O.M.P?...Stomp what?...Forest fires?" Veronica replies, "No! Save The Old Mill Please!" In panel seven a blond woman is talking to a grizzled man. "Won't you preserve the past?", she says as she holds out a can. "I'd give plenty to preserve the future!", he replies.
In panel eight the whole gang is back in the soda shop. "We did it!!" says Archie. "We save the mill!" cries Betty. "We raised enough to buy it for posterity!" says Reggie (?). "And tomorrow is the big dedication!" smiles Veronica.
The next panel clearly shows a three story brick mill building with end chimneys and center bell tower/cupola (the Belknap Mill). "And now...once again...the old mill's water wheel turns!!" says a politician from a stage. Panel 10 is Veronica against a plain ground, shouting, "Okay, boys!! Open the water gates!" The last panel is the mill being torn apart by the water.
In the bottom of the ninth panel is printed: "[copyright symbol] 1973, Archie Comic Publications, Inc." and in the tenth: "Distributed by King Features Syndicate."
Creator Montana, Bill
Title "Archie"
Pub Date 1973
Earliest Date 1973
Latest Date 1973
Date 1973
Publisher Archie Comic Publications, Inc.
Search Terms Belknap Mill
Subjects 1970s
Cartoon cels
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Conservation & restoration
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Graphic design
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