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Catalog Number L2012.0059.0001
Object Name Booklet
Scope & Content This is a bound booklet entitled " Lake Village and its Business Men", compliments of the Winnipiseogee Lake Cotton and Woolen Manufacturing Company of Lake Village, listing histories of leading businesses and business men of central New Hamphsire, by George F. Bacon, published in 1890.

The booklet has a blank page covering its outer front and back. Inside on the front cover is printed :
"Lake Village and Its Leading Business Men. Compliments of Winnipeseogee Cotton and Woolen Man'f'g Co., Agent's Office, Lake Village, N.H." Also on the front cover is a photograph of a house built of stone and wood with a tower on the front. Printed below the picture is "Photo Eng Co., N.Y."

On page 1 is printed :
"Central New Hampshire, and Its Leading Business Men; Embracing Plymouth, Laconia, Lake Village, Franklin, Franklin Falls, Tilton, Bristol, Meredith, Ashland, Wolfboro and Weirs, by Geo. F. Bacon. Illustrated. Boston : Mercantile Publishing Company, No. 258 Purchase Street. 1890."

On page 2 is printed a preface describing the aim of the publisher to present principal events in the history of the Central New Hampshire towns and a brief review of their leading business interests by the Mercantile Publishing Company. Below this is printed "Copyright. Mercantile Publishing Co. 1890."

On page 3 is a "Historical Sketch of Franklin and Franklin Falls" which continues on page 4. Also on page 4 is a photograph of a "Scene on the Pemigewasset River, Franklin in 1890." The picture depicts a bridge, river, houses, buildings, businesses, churches, streets, trees and hills.

On page 5 is a continuation of the history of Franklin and Franklin Falls with a photograph of "Franklin Village From the Heights". The picture depicts a dirt road, railroad, railroad tracks, buildings, churches, houses and hills.

On page 6 continues the Franklin and Franklin Falls history with a photograph of "Central Street, Franklin Falls." The picture depicts Central Street with buildings and businesses along both sides with horse drawn carriages on the street.

On page 7 continues the Franklin and Franklin Falls history with another picture of "Central Street, Franklin Falls". The picture depicts Central Street, with horse drawn carriages on it and businesses and buildings along it.

On page 8 continues the history of Franklin and Franklin Falls.

On page 9 are four photographs depicting "Residence of Hon. W.F. Daniell, Franklin", " Interior View of Residence", "Hon. W.F. Daniell's Cottage at Webster Lake", and " Interior View of Cottage". The exterior picture show the house and cottage and trees while the interior picture show furniture, pictures on walls, fireplaces, stairs and draperies.

On page 10 is the end of the historical sketch of Franklin and Franklin Falls.

On page 11 is "Leading Business Men of Franklin Falls, N.H." including:
Walter Aiken (manufacturer)

On page 12 continues the history of leading business men of Franklin Falls including:
H.A. Currier & Co.( dealer in stoves and tin ware)
Rufus G. Burleigh (dealer in window glass, and general hardware)
The Franklin Savings Bank
Also on page 12 is an advertisement for "G.P. Webster, D.D.S."

On page 13 are historical sketches for:
Franklin National Bank (includes a photograph of the bank)
Walter Burleigh (hay, grain, meal, wool etc.)
Also on page 13 is an advertisement for "O.F. Emerson, Dentist, Franklin Falls".

On page 14 are historical sketches for :
Sulloway Mills
Edward A. Brockway (pharmacist)
Judkins & Wallace (includes a sketch) (dealer in stoves, tin ware, wooden ware, lead pipes etc.)
C.C. Kenrick (livery, boarding hack and sale stable)

On page 15 are histories of :
Asa Morrison (dealer in groceries, dry goods, boots and shoes etc.)
Leach & Barnard (general insurance agency)
C.C. Paige (undertaker and dealer in furniture and carpeting etc.)
G.R. Kempl & Co. (pharmacists and chemists)

On page 16 are histories of :
G.W. Sawyer (dealer in flour, groceries, fruit, confectionary, cigars and tobacco) (includes a sketch of the building)
Miss B.L. Fay (ladies' and gents' dining room)
C.E. Noyes (news dealer and confectioner)
Mrs. L.V. Sleeper (dealer in millinary and fancy goods, dress and cloak making)

On page 17 are :
Griffin & Judkins (dealers in flour, hay, grain, feed etc.) (includes an advertisement for Pratts Food)
F.H. Chapman (pharmacy)
Young's Hotel
Henry L. Young (dealer in furniture, carpeting, paper hanging etc.)

On page 18 are :
Thomas Carver (dealer in boots, shoes and rubbers)
C.L. Hunt (jeweler and photographer)
Also included is an advertisement for O.A. Towne, Mercantile Printer and a listing of "Pedigree of Merrimack Chimes 11451".

On page 19 are :
L.D. Sleeper & Co. (dealer in boots, sash, blinds, coal, wood etc.) (includes a sketch of the building)
Kennedy's Hotel
D.F. Savage (dealer in tea, coffee and crockery)
C.H. Fox (dealer in crockery, candy, notions etc.)
G.H. Scribner (dealer in flour, groceries, canned goods, fruit, tobacco and cigars)

On page 20 are :
M.H. Stevens & Sons (proprietors of Franklin Mills) (includes a sketch of the mill buildings)
Also on page 20 is the beginning of listings of "Leading Men of Franklin, N.H." including :
E.C. Stone (dealer in groceries, furniture and general merchandise)

On page 21 are listings for Franklin businesses and businessmen including :
Franklin Needle Co. (manufacturers of patent solid riveted latch needles, special needles etc.) (includes an advertisement with a sketch of the building)
Winnipiseogee Paper Co.

On page 22 are :
Kidder Machine Co.
Chas. G. Rowell (gentlemen's furnisher and hatter)
John H. Drake (livery stable)
Mayo Knitting Machine Co. (hosiery manufacturer) (inclides a sketch of a piece of machinery)

On page 23 are :
W.M. Woodward (druggist) (includes a sketch of a mortal and pestle)
Whidden & Sleeper (dealers in choice family groceries)
D.D. Gilchrist (dealer in groceries, flour, grain, boots and shoes)
J.H. Rowell (dealer in stoves etc.)
Miss S.M. Piercy (millinary and fancy goods)

On page 24 are :
Webster House (hotel)
R.J. Calkin (photographer)
Also on page 24 is the beginning of the "Historical Sketch of Tilton, N.H."

On page 25 is the continuation of the history of Tilton. Also on this page is a sketch of "Tilton's Island". The sketch depicts a brook, small bridge, house , trees, plants etc.)

On page 26 is the continued history of Tilton including a picture of the "Memorial Arch, Tilton, N.H.", The picture depicts the arch and street lights.

On page 27 is the continuation of the history of Tilton, including a picture of "Bank Block, Tilton, N.H." The picture depicts Bank Block in Tilton.

On page 28 is the beginning of the lstinsg for "Leading Business Men of Tilton, N.H." Included are :
Tilton Mills
S.B. Sargent (manufacturer of and dealer in granite and marble work)
Clark & Dodge (manufacturers of Shaker and seamless hosiery)

On page 29 are :
Green & Hilton ( Arch Mills, fine dress goods and cloakings)
Livery and Boarding Stable (George F. Leavitt, proprietor)
S. Gordon Jr. (dealer in boots shoes, rubbers etc.)
Iona Savings Bank

On page 30 are :
Tilton Clothing House (dealer in clothing, hats, caps) (includes a sketch of the Tilton Town Hall)
A.L. Morrison (carriage manufacturer)
George K. Burleigh (dealer in watches, jewelry, clocks, jewelry etc.) (includes a sketch for "Elgin Watches, Stem Winder" and "Singer Safety"- bicycle)

On page 31 are :
Loverin's Livery Stable (includes a sketch of a horse and carriage)
S.W. Taylor (general merchant)
W.A. Gardner & Co. (dealers in fine groceries, crockery, china and glassware)
Tilton Box Company (manufacturers of paper and wooden boxes)
Miss C.A. Harlow (millinary)

On page 32 are :
Philbrick & Hill (dealers in hardware, groceries, flour, paints, oil, boots, shoes etc.)
The Granite State Fire Insurance Company
Citizens' National Bank
W.C. Wyatt (manufacturer and dealer in harnesses, trunks, bags etc.)

On page 33 are :
New Hampshire Conference Seminary and Femail College (includes a sketch of the college)
O & E Morrison (shoddy manufacturers)
The Lord Brothers Manufacturing Company (manufacturers of rubber and zylonite optical goods)

On page 34 are :
C.P. Henrick (manufacturer and retail druggist)
Mrs. M.L. Emmons (millinary, fancy goods, ladies' furnishing goods etc.)
Smith & Smith (dealers in stoves, tin ware, kitchen furnishings etc.)
A.C. Sanderson (artistic photographer, dealer in picture frames)

On page 35 are :
George S. Morrison (dealer in boots, shoes and rubbers)
Davis & Burleigh (dealers in dry goods, boots and shoes etc.)
M.G. Carlton (dealer in meats, provisions, fresh and salt fish, oysters and clams etc.)
Geo. E. Knapp (lumber dealer)
A.S. Morrison (caterer and confectioner)
Also on page 35 is an advertisement for "Brown & Boucher, Millers and Dealers in Grain and Feed, Tilton, N.H."

On page 36 are :
Advertisement for "R.S. Perkins, Tilton Fire Insurance Agency"
Advertisement for "Allison & Morse, General Printer, Bank Block, Tilton, N.H."

On page 37 is the beginning of the "Historical Sketch of Meredith". Includes a aphotograph of "Main Street, Meredith, N.H." Picture depicts a dirt Main Street with houses, buildings and businesses, and trees along it, including "J.W. Beede".

On page 38 is the continuation of the history of Meredith incluidng a picture of "Hotel Street, Meredith, N.H." The picture depicts a dirt Hotel Street with a horse drawn carriage on it and buildings and businesses along it.

On page 39 is the beginnning of the listings of "Leading Business Men of Meredith". Also on the page is a picture of "Mills of Meredith Shook and Lumber Co.", Picture shows logs in a river and a lumber mill in the background. Includes listings for :
Clarence A.Clark & Co. (commercial printing house)
Meredith Shook and Ladder Co.

On page 40 are :
Geo. F. Sanborn (druggist and dealer in stationary, fancy goods, sporting goods, etc.)
J.L. Chase (photographer)
P.D. Blaisdell (groceries and general merchandise)
P.A. Ellsworth (watches, jewelry and silverware) (includes a sketch of "Quick Train, Rockford Watch"

On page 41 are :
Wadleigh Plow Co. (includes a sketch of a plow)
J.S. Wadleigh (merchant tailor and dealer in gent's furnishing goods)
Mrs. M.A. Farnham (millinary rooms)
Pease & Towle (dealers in hardware, paints, oil and varnishes, boots and shoes )
J.A. Lang & Co. (carpenters and builders)

On page 42 are :
Albert A. Kidder & Co. (dealer in fancy and family groceries, boots and shoes etc.) (includes a sketch of a tea kettle)
T.S. Moses & Co. (glass and wooden warre, stoves, ranges, tinware etc.)
E.H. Maloon (horse and oxen shoer, carriage ironer and general blacksmith)
Geo. H. Clark & Co. (manufacturer of and dealer in lumber and building materials)

On page 43 is the beginning of the "Historical Sketch of Bristol ", including a picture of "Main Street, Bristol, N.H." Picture depicts Main Street with buildings and businesses along it.

On page 44 is the continuation of the hsitory of Bristol, including a picture of "A River View, Near Bristol". Picture depicts a river and rocks and trees.

On page 45 is the continuation of the history of Bristol, including a picture of "Central Square, Bristol". Picture depicts a dirt street with horse drawn carriages on it and buildings and businesses along it.

On page 46 in the end of the history of Bristol. Also on the page is the start of the listing of "Leading Business Men of Bristol, N.H." Included are listings for :
Marshall Ballou (manufacturer of picker sticks, harness levers, loom swells and crank arms etc.)
B.L. & A. Wells (planing mills, dealers in lumber, sash, doors and blinds etc.)
Austin H. Roby (dealer in boots, shoes, rubbers, gloves and mittens
Smith D. Fellows (manufacturer of and dealer in stoves, furnaces, ranges, tin, glass and wooden ware)

On page 47 are included :
Hotel Bristol
Miss. G.G. Cheney (dress maker)
Arthur Hitchinson (manufacturer of wooden ware)
L.W. Homans (blacksmith, forging etc.)
O.B. French (manufacturer of and dealer in stoves, furnaces, ranges, tin, glass etc.)
D.M. Calley (dealer in fruit, canned goods, confectionary, nuts, cigars and tobacco)

On page 48 are included :
Train, Smith & Co.'s Paper Mills
Mrs. L.S. Ballou (millinary)
C.H.Dickinson (clothing etc.)
Taylor & Bond (general store)
Briggs (photographer)

On page 49 are included :
Taylor & Merrill (millers and dealers in flour, grain, feed, shingles, clapboards etc.)
Mason & Berry (manufacturers of wood pulp)
C.A. Pearson (blacksmith, horseshoer and carriage manufacturer)
W.George (headquarteres for staple and fancy goods, notions etc.)
G. Boardman (wheelright, carriage builder etc.)
A.B. Pray (dealer in watches, clocks and jewelry)

On page 50 are included :
Tilton Brothers (croquet set manufacturers)
Also on page 50 is the beginning of the "Historical Sketch of Ashland".

On page 51 is the continuation of the historical sketch of Ashland, including a picture of "High School Building, Ashland, N.H." The picture depicts the Ashland High School with students in front of it.

On page 52 are listed the "Leading Business Men of Ashland". Included are listings for :
The Ashland Knitting Company (includes a picture of the Ashland Knitting Company)
Squam Lake House (hotel) (includes a sketch of the hotel)

On page 53 are included :
Hughes & Brown (dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes and rubbers, hardware etc.)
Brown & Morrill (millers and dealers in grain, feed etc.)
A.E. Porter (registered pharmacist, dealer in drugs, medicines, watches , jewelry books and stationary etc.)
O.D. Thompson (dealer in stoves, tinware and kitchen furnishings etc.)
Pollard Hardy & Brown (dealers in dry goods, groceries, hardware etc.)
Mrs. S.J. Brown (dealer in millinary, fancy goods, small wares etc.)

On page 54 are included :
Dr. C.S. Woodman (dentist)
J.G. Morrison (Plymouth Buck Gloves /baseball gloves and fur gauntlets)
Also on page 54 is the beginning of the "Historical Sketch of Plymouth, N.H.". Included is a sletch of the "Court House in Which Daniel Webster Made His First Plea, 1805" (Below the sketch is printed "This illustration is Copyrighted by Cyrus K. Kelley and Harry S. Heath of Plymouth, N.H., and is used in this book by their publication".)

On page 55 is the continuation of the historical sketch of Plymouth, N.H. Included is a picture of "Central Square, Plymouth, N.H." The picture depicts a grass area with houses, buildings, a church, trees and streetlights.

On page 56 is the continuation of the history of Plymouth.

On page 57 is the continuation of the history of Plymouth including a picture of "Main Street, Plymouth, N.H. - Looking North". The picture depicts buildings and businesses along Main Street as well as a church.

On page 58 is the continued history of Plymouth including a picture of "Livermore Falls". The picture depicts a river with logs in it and a waterfall. There are men working in the river and along the riverbanks.

On page 59 is the continuation and end of the history of Plymouth.

On page 60 is the "Leading Business Men of Plymouth, N.H." Included are :
J.F. Draper & Co. (manufacturers of gloves and mittens)
F.H. Rollins (manufacturer of Plymouth Buck Gloves)
The Pemigewasset (hotel)( includes a sketch of the hotel)

On page 61 are included :
J.G. Fletcher (manufacturer of Plymouth Buck Gloves)
B.P. Merrill, D.D.S. (dentist)
J.A. & L.A. Smith (contractors, carpenters and builders)
John Mason (dealer in general merchandise)
Also on page 61 is an advertisement for "Walter W. Mason, Undertaker and Practical Embalmer".

On page 62 are included :
J.P. Huckins (furniture, carpets and wall papers at wholesale and retail)
A. Geo Amsden (Town Hall Drug Store dealer in toilet articles, fancy goods etc.)
F.W. Poole (dealer in watches, jewelry, silverware, stationary, fancy goods etc.)
Fred George (Steam Laundry)
Mrs. W.M. Pressey (millinary and fancy goods)

On page 63 are included :
Webster Russell & Co. (merchants)
W.I. Lee (dealer in tinware, glassware, confectionary, toys, stationary etc.)
Miss A. A. Heath (dealer in millinery and fancy goods etc.)
D.B. Keniston (mens and boys clothing, hats, furnishings, ladies and gents boots and shoes etc.)
I.D. Campbell (merchant tailor)
Plummer Fox (dealer in general merchandise)

On page 64 are included :
Bayley Bros. (retail dealers in meats , provisions, fish oysters and full line of groceries)
Tufts & Co. (pharmacists, dealers in drugs, medicines, toilet and fancy articles)
H.S. Heath (photographer and dealer in albums, pplush frames etc.)
F.S. Batchelder (carriage builder and repairing)
Charles J. Gould (stoives, ranges, furnaces, glassware, kitchen furnishsings and goods)

On page 65 are included :
F.J. Sanborn (manufacturer of and dealer in all kinds of marble and granite work, carving etc.) (includes sketches of cemetery markers/headstones )
Dr. D.H. Hallenbeck (dentist)
J.W. Piper (dealer in meats and vegetables)

On page 66 is the beginning of the "Historical Sketch of Laconia, N.H."

On page 67 is the continuation of the history of Laconia including a picture of the "East Side of Main Street". The picture depicts Main Street with buildings and businesses along both sides and the Unitarian Church as well)

On page 68 is the continuation of the history of Laconia.

On page 69 is the continuation of the history of Laconia including a picture of " Main Street, Laconia, N.H.". The picture depicts buildings and businesses along Main Street.

On page 70 is the continuation of the history of Laconia.

On page 71 is the continuation and end of the history of Laconia, including a picture of Main Street in Laconia with buildings and businesses along both sides.

On page 72 is the "Leading Business Men of Laconia, N.H." Included is a picture of "Laconia, N.H. - Moulton Opera House and O'Shea Bros. Store". The picture shows the Moulton Opera House Block which housed O'Shea Brothers Department Store as well as other businesses. Also included on the page are :
O'Shea Bros. (wholesale and retail dealers in dry goods, mens and boys clothing, furniture, carpets, nats, caps, shoes etc.)

On page 73 are included :
J.W. Busiel & Co. (manufacturers of hosiery)
Wm. Lawrence (manufacturer of breech-loading guns, dealer in ammunition)
Laconia Hardware Company (dealers in hardware)
Joseph Sanborn (dealer in beef, pork, ham, sausage, eggs, poultry etc.)

On page 74 are included :
E.A. Elsam (photographer) (includes a sketch of E.A.Elsam)
Coburn & Leavitt (manufacturers of fine all-wool hosiery)
The Laconia Lumber Works (manufacturers of and dealers in Dimension Lumber, sash, doors and blinds etc.)

On page 75 are included :
Daniel Kellogg (dealer in carriages, buggies, wagons and sleighs)
Geo. F. Mallard (druggist and apothecary)
F.O. Wallace (proprietor of Windsor Cafe and Bakery , also dealer in fruits, nuts, candies, canned goods etc.)
Dr. A.H.C. Jewett (dentist)
D.O'Leary (custom tailor)

On page 76 are included :
Pitman Manufacturing Co. (manufacturers of hosiery)
Edmund Tetley (paper box manufacturer)
F.W. Story (pianos, musical merchandies, sewing machines, books, stationary etc.)
Truland Bros. (job printers, hosiery printing a specialty)
E.L. Dow (dealer in beef, pork, mutton, ham, tripe, sausage, poultry and game)

On page 77 are included :
Laconia One Price Clothing Co. (M.A.Powers, Manager/clothing)
Laconia Manufacturing Co. (mens and womens hosiery)
S.B. Smith (dealer in boots, shoes and rubbers)
J.Henry Story (registered pharmacist, pure drugs and medicines)
Eben Hoyt (dealer in pianos and organs, sewing machines etc.)

On page 78 are included :
W.F. Wyatt & Co. (drugs, prescriptions etc.)
E.J. Dinsmore (manufacturer of fine and heavy harness, dealer in trunks, valises, traveling bags, whips, robes, blankets and horse furnishing goods etc.)
Dr. W.L. Hough (dentist)
G.H. Tilton (hosiery manufacturer)
J.B.F. Bell (merchant tailor)

On page 79 are included :
Laconia Steam Laundry (G.W. Stephens, proprietor/laundry)
Riverside Fish and Oyster House (dealer in fish, oysters)
C.S. Blake (watchmaker, jeweler , optician, dealer in clocks, jewelery, solid silver and plated ware etc.)
Foster's Drug Store (drugs and medicines, toilet articles, cigars, tobacco etc.)
C.H. Watson (dealer in beef, lamb, pork, mutton, veal, lard, ham, tripe, eggs vegetables etc.)

On page 80 are included :
H.G. Page (photographer)
H.J. Phillips (funeral undertaker and practical embalmer, dealers in coffins, caskets, robes and upholstering)
L.J. Merchand & Co. (dealers in boots and shoes)
Pierce & Avery (dealers in beef, lamb, pork, mutton, veal, lard, ham, tripe, saisage, eggs and vegetables etc.)
F. Buxton (dealer in groceries, confectionary etc.)

On page 81 are included :
J.L. Moore & Son (dealers in wall papers, picture frames, window shades and fixtures, coffins, caskets and all kinds of undertaker's goods)
G.E. Knowlton (livery and boarding stable)
Joseph Desjardins (dealer in groceries, cigars, tobacco, notions, fruits etc.)
Kirtland House (Mrs. M.H.Fernald, proprietor/hotel)
S.C. Robinson (realestate and intelligence office)

On page 82 are included :
James H. Tilton (dealer in groceries, paints, oils etc.)
Luther M. Pike (manufacturer of Pike's Improved Concrete for Walks, Drives and Street Crossings)
Laconia National Bank (bank) (includes a photograph of the bank with three men in front of it).

On page 83 are included :
Laconia National Bank (continuation) (includes a sketch of the "Interior of Laconia National Bank")

On page 84 are included :
J.W. Follett (dealer in fine wall papers, ceiling decorations, window shades and fixtures, pictures, frames etc.)
George H. Wilkinson (dealer in stoves, ranges, frunaces and tinware etc.)
George Picard (dealer in choice confectionary, fruit, ice cream, cool soda, oysters, tobacco etc.)
A.S. Gordon (dealer in watches, clocks and jewelry, plate and silver ware etc.)
C.E. & C.E. Moore (millinery parlors)
J.L. Roberts (dealer in wood and coal of all kinds, grain and feed etc.)

On page 85 are included :
George H. Everett (fire, life and accident insurance)
Mrs. S.F. Everett (millinery and fancy goods)
Merrill Bros. (manufacturers of and dealers in monuments, tablets, gravestones, cemetery enclosures and posts etc.)
Brown, Melcher & Morrill (millers and dealers in all kinds of grain and fed)
George R. Leavitt (coal, wood and hay, clapboard shingles, lath and brick)

On page 86 are included :
William A. Bacheller (dealer in boots and shoes)
D. Frank Cook (confectionary, fruits , cigars etc.)
E.H. Proctor & Co. (druggists)
F.L. Gilman (agent Singer Manufacturing Company)

On page 87 are included :
Osgood & Co. ( dealer in watches and jewelery, silver plated table ware, opera glasses,optical goods etc.)
A.J. Farrar (auctioneer and dealer in wall paper)
Lapointe & St. Jacques (dealers in fine boots, shoes, rubbers, slippers etc.)
George H. Mitchell (jobber and retailer of stoves, ranges and kitchen furnishing goods)
R.G. Sullivan & Co. (manufacturers of fine cigars, wholesale and retail dealers in tobacco and smokers supplies)

On page 88 are included :
George W. Watson (Shoddy Manufacturer)
Melcher & Prescott ( fire, life and accident insurance)
James Barron (dealer in bread, cake, and pastry, wedding cakes etc.)
M.W. Conant (millinery and fancy goods, stamping etc.)
F.W. Ladd (dealer in groceries of all kinds)

On page 89 are included :
A.W. Putnam & Co. ( millinery and fancy goods, stamping and pinking)
Th Abel Machine Company (manufacturers of knitting machinery of every description)
Sanders Bros. (manufacturers and dealers in stoves, ranges, furnaces, drain pipe, bird cages and refrigerators, gas and kerosene fixtures etc.)

On page 90 is the "Historical Sketch of Lake Village".

On page 91 is the continuation of the history of Lake Village including a picture of "Main Street, From Winter, Looking South". The picture depicts Main Street with sidewalks and houses and trees along both sides.

On page 92 is the continuation of the history of Lake Village including a picture of "Long Bay, Lake Village, N.H". The picture depicts the lake, railroad tracks and houses and businesses near the lake).

On page 93 is the continuation and end of the history of Lake Village including two pictures. The first is of "Outlet of Lake Winnipesaukee", depicting the dam over the Winniepsaukee River and buildings along it. The second is of the "Opera House and Mount Balknap Hotel", depicting the Moulton Opera House Block and the Mount Belknap Hotel located on Union Avenue in Lake Village.

On page 94 is the "Leading Business Men of Lake Village", inclcluding:
Cole Manufacturing Co. (machinists, founder and forgers, manufactureres of Iron Giant Rock and Track Lifters, stoves, castings, mill machinery etc.)
H.E. Rowen & Co. (dealers in stoves, tin ware, crockery etc.)
H.F.Rublee & Son (manufacturers of top and open carriages of every description)

On page 95 are included:
C.F. Story (apothecary) (includes a picture of the interior of the store)
G.W. Allen (harness maker)
F.S. Peasley (dealer in cinfectionary, fruits, stationary, papares, periodicals etc.)
Miss H.M. Wheeler (dealer in millinery and fancy goods)
The Winnipissiogee Lake Cotton and Woolen Manufacturing Co.(manufacturers of cotton and woolen products)

On page 96 are included :
Wardwell Needle Co. (manufacturers of Excelsior Latch and Balmoral Needles, hosiery needles points, guides etc.) (includes and advertisemnet for Excelsior Needles from the Wardwell Needle Co.)
E.L. Hadley & Co. (dealers in meat and provisions, groceries, canned goods etc.)
T. Dodge (planing mill)
Lake Village Savings Bank (bank)

On page 97 are included :
The Halifax Mills Co. (hosiery manufacturer)
Chas. F. Locke (dealer in hardware, paints, oils, varnish, glass, lime, cement brick etc.)
C.H. Collins (dealer in choice family groceries)
J.S. Piper (wagon work and repairs)
H.H. Wood & Co. (manufacturers of hosiery)

On page 98 are included :
Blaisdell & Pratt (manufacturers of and dealers in cigars)
Charles E. Buzzell (contractor and builder and dealer in building materiel of all kinds)
J.R. Leavitt (dealer in fine groceries, provisions, canned goods)
Ward & Munsey (photographers)
A.V. Locke(fire, life and accident insurance)

On page 99 are included :
H.E. Brown (manufacturere of tin ans heet iron ware, stoves, ranges, furnaces, parlor pillows and kitchen furniture etc.)
B.S. Wadleigh(manufacturere of children's fine all wool hosiery)
Tucker & Clark(dealers in W.I. Goods and groceries, meats, provisions, vegetables etc.)
Miss E.S. Dolloff (millinery and dress making parlors)

On page 100 is the "Historical Sketch of Weirs", including a picture of the "Veteran's Association Grove and Building, Weirs". The picture depicts the buildings which were part of the Veteran's Association.

On page 101 is the end of the history of the Weirs and a picture of "Depot and Lakeside House, Weirs". The picture depicts the railriad depot and hotels and buildings along Lakeside Avenue in the Weirs as well as Lake Winnipesaukee.
Also on page 100 is the beginning of the "Leading Business Men of Weirs, N.H.", including :
Lakeside House and Hotel Winnicoette (Geo. W. Weeks, proprietor)

On page 102 are included :
Lakeside Livery (single and double teams)
Story's Hotel (hotel)
Endicott House (hotel)
Maple Cottage (cottages)
Mrs. E.E. Moulton (photographer)
Also included on page 102 is an advertisement for "Weirs Cafe and General Merchandise Store".

On page 103 is the end of the listing for Mrs. E.E.Moulton and the beginning of the "Historical Sketch of Wolfeboro, N.H.", including a picture of "The Steamboat Landing, Wolfeboro". The picture shows the landning with two boats pulled up to it as well as buildings and business along the shoreline.

On page 104 is the continuation of the history of Wolfeboro and a picture of a "Bird's Eye View of Wolfeboro" depicting houses, business, trees, hills in Wolfeboro.

On page 105 is the continuation of the history of Wolfeboro including a picture of "The Lake From Wolfeboro" showing the shoreline along Lake Winnipesaukee.

On page 106 is the continuation of the history of Wolfeboro and a picture of a "View of Lake Winnipiseogee" showing the island in Lake Winnipesaukee.

On page 107 is the continuation and end of the history of Wolfeboro.

On page 108 is the "Leading Business Men of Wolfeboro", including :
Wolfeboro Savings Bank (bank)
Peoples Fire Insurance
S.F.Hodgkins (dealer in crockery, glass, wooden ware and fancy goods etc.)

On page 109 are included:
Glendon House (G.W. Thompson, proprietor/hotel) (includes a sketch of the hotel)
Libbey & Varney (manufacturers and dealers in boxes and box shook)
Everett S. Albee (jeweler and optician) (includes an advertisement for "Quick Train Rockford Watch/Rockford Railroad Watch")

On page 110 are included :
I.J. Abbott (dealer in watches, clocks, jewelry, silver and polated ware etc.) (includes a sketch of silver ware)
J.H. Beachman & Son (life, fire and accident insurance)
Furber & Clark (dealers in fine groceries, flour of all grades etc.)
E.D. Baker (wholesale and retail dealer in corn, crack corn, meal, hen, feed, flour, salt etc.)
W.A. Edgerly (dealer in fresh and salt fish, oysters, clams etc.)

On page 111 are included :
New Hampshire Mutual Benefit Association (life insurance)
I.B. Manning (dealer in millinery and fancy goods)
C.O. Doe (manufacturer of and dealer in window shades, awnings, screens, curtains etc.)
H.W. Furber (butcher and dealer in meats and vegetables)

On page 112 are included :
E.T. Brigham (photographer)
Oliver Dowlin (dentist)
L.T. Haley (Winnipesaukee Ice, teaming)
Dr. King (druggist and dealer in cigars and fishing tackle)
Horn's on the Lake (Bellvue Hotel , Good livery connected)

On page 113 are included :
Lewando & Mattison (retail dealers in groceries, carpets, wall paper, paints, oils etc.)
Charls F. Parker ((insurance)
Lake National Bank (bank)
Haley & Hodgdon( dealers in meats and provisions)

On page 114 are included :
Wolfborough Loan and Banking Co.(bank)
Charles W. Hicks & Co. (pharmacists)
Bickford & Young (agents for American Express Company)
Parker Bros. (dealers in fancy and staple groceries)

On page 115 are included :
Frank P. Hobbs (livery, boarding and sale stable) (includes a sketch of a horse drawn carriage)
J.W. Goodwin & Son (dealers in clothing, hats etc.)
Harry R. Horn (dealer in fine fishing tackle and sporting goods, hardware store)
C.J. Frost (dealer in boots, shoes and rubbers)
Mrs. Sarah M. Getchell (Ice Cream Room, bakery and restaurant)

On page 116 are included :
Geo. F. Horn (dealer in general hardware, stoves, ranges, tinware etc.)
A.H. Fowler (railroad tickets bought sold or exchanged also guns and fishing tackle for sale)
Parker & Richardson (dealers in dry and fancy goods, hosiery, corsets, gloves, trimmings etc.)
William B. Hodge (dealer in parlor, chamber and common furniture, coffins, caskets etc.)
Mrs. Herbert Tyler (dealer in millinery and choice fancy goods)

On page 117 are included :
James R. Hill & Co. (makers of Concord Harness) (Includes a sketch of a horse and an advertisement stating "The Concord Harness Made Only By James R. Hill & Co., Concord, N.H., Established 1840)

On page 118 are included :
The end of the listing for James R. Hill & Co.
Also on page 118 are included :
The Asquam House, L.H. Cilley, proprietor, Holderness N.H.

On page 119 is the beginning of the index including :
Banks and Bankers
Boots and Shoes
Building Materials
Box Manufacturers
Cigar Manufacturers and Dealers
Confectioners and Bakers
Coal and Wood
Carpenters and Builders
Carriage Manufacturers and Dealers
Dry & Fancy Goods
Furniture Dealers
Fruit and Confectionary
Fish and Oysters
Glove Manufacturers
Groceries & Provisions
General Stores
Hotels and Restaurants
Hosiery Maufacturers
Harness Manufacturers
Hardware, Paints Oils Etc.
Lumber Dealers
Livery and Sale Stables
Millinery and Fancy Goods
Millers andDealers in Hay, Grain, Meal Etc.
Marble and Granite
Needle Manufacturers
Newsdealers and Stationers
Pianos and Musical Merchandise
Paper Mills
Real Estate
Shoddy Manufacturers
Stoves, Tinware and Plumbing Etc.
Tailors and Clothiers
Textile Manufacturers
Wall Papers, Window Shades Etc.

Title "Lake Village and Its Leading Business Men"
Earliest Date 1890.0
Latest Date 1890.0
Additional Information 0.0
Repository From the collections of Laconia Public Library
People Bacon, Geo. F.
Daniell, Harry W.
Webster, G.P.
Burleigh, Rufus G.
Emerson, O.F.
Burleigh, Walter
Brockway, Edward A.
Kenrick, C.C.
Morrison, Asa
Paige, C.C.
Sawyer, G.W.
Fay, Miss B.L.
Noyes, C.E.
Sleeper, Mrs. L.V.
Chapman, F.H.
Young, Henry L.
Carver, Thomas
Hunt, C.L.
Savage, D.F.
Fox, C.H.
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stone, E.C.
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Haley, L.T.
King, Dr. R.H.
Parker, Charles F.
Haley, L.T.
Hodgdon, W.O.T.
Hicks, Charles W.
Bickford, A.H.
Young, O.S.
Hobbs, Frank P.
Goodwin, J. W.
Horn, Harry R.
Frost, C.J.
Getchell, Mrs. Sarah M.
Horn, Geo. F.
Fowler, A.H.
Parker, A.E.
Richardson, A.E.
Tyler, Mrs. Herbert
Hill, James R.
Cilley, L.H.
Search Terms Franklin
Franklin Falls
Pemigewasset River
Central Street (Franklin Falls)
W.F. Daniell residence (Franklin)
Webster Lakemarc
H.A. Currier & Co.
Franklin Savings Bank
Franklin National Bank
Buell's Block (Franklin)
Sulloway Mills
Judkins & Wallace
Leach & Barnard
G.R. Kempl & Co.
Griffin & Judkins
Young's Hotel (Franklin Falls)
O.A. Towne Mercantile Printer (Franklin Falls)
L.D.Sleeper & Co.
Kennedy's Hotel (Franklin Falls)
Franklin Mills
Franklin Needle Co.
Winnipiseogee Paper Co.
Kidder Manufacturing Company
Mayo Knitting Machine Company
Whidden & Sleeper
Webster House (Franklin)
Tilton Island
Bank Block (Tilton)
Tilton Mills
Clark & Dodge (Tilton)
Green & Hilton (Tilton)
Iona Savings Bank (Tilton)
Tilton Clothing House
Loverin's Livery Stable (Tilton)
W.A. Gardner & Co. (Tilton)
Tilton Box Company
Philbrick & Hill (Tilton)
Granite State Fire Insurance Company
Citizen's National Bank
New Central Hotel
New Hampshire Conference Seminary and Female College
Lord Brothers Manufacturing Company (Tilton)
Smith & Smith (Tilton)
Davis & Burleigh (Tilton)
Brown & Boucher Millers (Tilton)
Tilton Fire Insurance Agency
Allison & Morse Central Printers (Tilton)
Main Street
Hotel Street (Meredith)
Meredith Shook and Lumber Company
Wadleigh Plow Company (Meredith)
Pease & Towle (Meredith)
T.S. Moses & Company (Meredith)
George H. Clark & Company (Meredith)
Central Square (Bristol)
Hotel Bristol
Train, Smith & Company Paper Mills (Bristol)
Taylor & Bond
Briggs Photography (Bristol)
Taylor & Merrill (Bristol)
Mason & Berry (Bristol)
Tilton Brothers (Bristol)
Ashland High School
Ashland Knitting Company
Squam Lake House (Ashland)
Hughes & Brown (Ashland)
Brown & Merrill (Ashland)
Briggs Photography (Bristol)
Pollard, Hardy & Brown (Ashland)
Plymouth Court House
Central Square (Plymouth)
Livermore Falls (Plymouth)
J.F. Draper & Company (Plymouth)
Pemigewasset Hotel (Plymouth)
Webster, Russell & Company (Plymouth)
Bayley Brothers (Plymouth)
Tufts & Company (Plymouth)
Main Street
Moulton Opera House
Moulton Block
O'Shea Brothers Department Store
J.W. Busiel & Company
Laconia Hardware Co.
Elsam's Photo Shop
Coburn & Leavitt
Laconia Lumber Works
Mallard Block
Windsor Cafe
Pitman Manufacturing Co.
Tetley Box Company
Story's Drug Store
Truland Brothers Printers
Dow & Roberts Market
Laconia One Price Clothing Company
Laconia Manufacturing Company
Hoyt, Eben Piano and Organ Ware-rooms
W.F. Wyatt Company
Dinsmoor and Parent
Laconia Steam Laundry
Riverside Fish and Oyster House
Foster's Drug Store
Watson & Company (Grocer)
L.J. Merchand & Company
Pierce & Avery
Kirtland House
Robinson's Real Estate Agency & Intelligence
Laconia National Bank
Merrill Brothers
Brown, Melcher & Morrill (Laconia)
Brown, Melcher & Morrill Company
Leavitt, A. Store & Fish Market
E.H. Proctor & Company
Osgood & Company
Lapointe & St. Jacques
R.G. Sullivan & Company
Watson & Company (Grocer)
Melcher-Prescott Agency
F.W. Ladd
A.W. Putnam & Company
Abel Machine Co.
Sanders, S.W. Stoves and Tinware
Sanders Brothers
Lake Village
Long Bay
Lake Winnipesaukee
Opera House Block
Opera House
Mount Belknap House
Mount Belknap Hotel
Cole Manufacturing Company
H.E. Rowan & Company
H.F. Rublee & Son, Carriage Manufactory
Winnipissiogee Lake Cotton and Woolen Manufacturing Company
Wardwell Needle Company
E.L. Hadley & Company
Lake Village Savings Bank
Halifax Mill
Locke's Grocery and Hardware store
H. H. Wood and Company
Blaisdell & Pratt
Leavitt, A. Store & Fish Market
Ward & Munsey
Tucker & Clark
The Weirs
Veterans Avenue (Weirs)
New Hampshire Veterans Association
New Hampshire Veteran's Association Complex (Weirs)
Weirs Boardwalk
Weirs Cafe
Weirs Dock
Lakeside House (Weirs)
Lake Winnipesaukee
Hotel Winnicoette
Lakeside Livery
Story's Hotel (Weirs)
Endicott House
Weirs Beach
Weirs Cafe
Maple Cottage
Steamboat Landing (Wolfeboro)
Wolfeboro Savings Bank
Peoples Fire Insurance Company (Wolfeboro)
Glendon House (Wolfeboro)
Libbey & Varney (Wolfeboro)
J.H. Beacham & Son (Wolfeboro)
Furber & Clark (Wolfeboro)
New Hampshire Mutual Benefit Association
Winnipesaukee Ice
Horn's on the Lake (Wolfeboro)
Lewando & Mattison (Wolfeboro)
Lake National Bank (Wolfeboro)
Haley & Hodgdon (Wolfeboro)
Wolfborough Loan and Banking Company
Bickford & Young (Wolfeboro)
Parker Brothers
J.W. Goodwin & Son (Wolfeboro)
Parker & Richardson (Wolfeboro)
James R. Hill & Company (Wolfeboro)
Asquam House (Holderness)
Mercantile Publishing Company
Subjects 1890s
Men & women
Town life
Business people
Undertaking establishments
Millinery stores
Grocery stores
Shoe stores
Building construction
Building companies
Building materials
Building materials industry
Box industry
Cigarette industry
Carriages & coaches
Dry goods stores
Fancy goods stores
Furniture industry
Furnishings stores
Fish dealers
Fish stores
General stores
General stores
General contractors
Hotels, Apartment
Hotels, Residential
Hosiery industry
Harness making
Hardware stores
Insurance companies
Livery stables
Laundries (Commercial establishments)
News dealers
Stationery shops
Music stores
Paper industry
Real estate business
Plumbing industry
Plumbing fixtures
Clothing Accessories
Clothing & dress
Clothing industry
Clothing stores
Textile industry
Undertaking establishments
Wallpaper industry
Window Treatments
Window shades
Photographic studios
Blacksmith shops
Millinery stores