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Name Bisson, Reginald
No Archives 7.0
No Library 0.0
No Objects 1.0
No Photos 3.0

Associated Records

Image of H2011.0030.0015 - Diary

H2011.0030.0015 - Diary

Item is a small leather-bound daily diary kept by Reginald Bisson in 1942. It features notes on events, notes and news relating to mostly work life and WWII with some personal notes worked in. There are also several sketches. Front cover reads, "Daily Reminder."

Image of H2011.0030.0016 - Diary

H2011.0030.0016 - Diary

Item is a small leather-bound daily dairy kept by Reginald Bisson in 1943. It features notes on events, notes and news relating to work, WWII, and personal life. Front cover reads, "1943."

Image of H2011.0030.0017 - Diary

H2011.0030.0017 - Diary

Item is a small leather-bound daily diary kept by Reginald Bisson in 1944. It features notes on events, notes and news relating to work, WWII and personal life. It includes several maps, two of London. Front cover reads, "1944."

Image of H2011.0125.0001 - Program

H2011.0125.0001 - Program

Item is a black, white, and red printed program for the "New Hampshire All-State Concert Festival" in Laconia, NH on April 18-19, 1963. The front cover features a music scale and instruments as well as the title. The back cover features the Laconia Junior High School, three black and white portraits of Laconia Junior High School teachers, and a music scale. The programs pages include messages from the governor, Laconia's mayor, and Laconia schools superintendent, and the Laconia Education Association. The program also highlights members of the New Hampshire Music Educators Association, performance lists and All-State members lists. Many advertisements for Laconia area business are found

Image of H2012.0033.0001 - Certificate, Confirmation

H2012.0033.0001 - Certificate, Confirmation

Item is a "Sidwalk Superintendent's Certificate, " which reads, "This is to certify that the Bearer has, by faithful and diligent obsrvation of construction operations at the Avery Dam, Laconia NH, fully qualified as an experienced Sidwalk Superintendent, and is therefore awarded this Souvenir Certificate as evidence thereof. The new Dam was designed by Roland S. Burlingame of Boston, and its design has been approved by the NH Water Resources Commission. It is being built for the Avery Dam Corporation of Laconia." It appears to have been issued by W.M. Bisson & Son General Contractors of Laconia. It is number 98 in the series. Written on it in pen, "1949."

Image of L1990.0116.M.0006 - Booklet

L1990.0116.M.0006 - Booklet

This is a booklet on the history of St. Joseph Church, located on Church Street in Laconia, celebrating the church happenings from 1929 to 1979. The cover of the booklet is green with a color photograph of St. Joseph Church. The church is built of granite with limestone trim. It was built in the late 1920s and dedicated on September 12, 1930 by Bishop George A. Guertin, Bishop of Manchester. The picture depicts the church in autumn, with a large maple tree on the far left and red and orange leaves on the ground. The church has a large double door entrance with steps leading up to it. There is a religious statue on the far right on the lawn. The church has a large square tower on the left f

Image of H2010.0244.0001 - Pin

H2010.0244.0001 - Pin

Item is a red, white and black metal and celluloid pin featuring a woman on skis with the writing, "Laconia Winter Carnival, Winnepesaukee Ski Club, Feb. 1928." Written on the reverse in pen, "Reg Bisson."

Image of H2011.0108.0003 - Print, Photographic

H2011.0108.0003 - Print, Photographic

Black and white image of three men wearing suits posed in front of a bank with a drive-through window. Across the bank building is a ribbon. There are make-shift fences around the grassy areas of the lot. In the background are several other people, a parking lot, automobiles, and buildings belonging to the Allen-Rogers Corporation. On back in pen, "1964 at P. N. Bank Opening, 1. Ed Brazil 2. Reg Bisson Builder 3. Erickson- Architect."

Image of H2011.0108.0007 - Print, Photographic

H2011.0108.0007 - Print, Photographic

Black and white image of many men and women all wearing suits and dresses standing on Main Street. Some men have boutiniers; two women wear armbands which read, "hostess." In the background are several buildings and utility poles. One building reads, "Lee's Cut Rate," and another, "Beneficial Loand." Part of the paved road in the background appears to be roped off. On back in pen, "1964 Men: 1. C. Dockham 2. Reginald Bisson (Col.) 3. J. Archibald L. S. M. 4. D. Beane 5. 6. Erickson 7. Ed Brazil (?); Women: 1. Mrs. John Merrill ..."

Image of L2012.0073.0001 - Print, Photographic

L2012.0073.0001 - Print, Photographic

This black and white photograph depicts some of the W. M. Bisson Contracting Business employees in front of a building the firm is constructing located in the McIntyre Block in Laconia, in 1914-1915. In the foreground is dirt covered ground. In the middleground are thirteen men, sitting and standing, employees of the W. M. Bisson Contracting Business. They are wearing shirts, pants, sweaters, overalls, ties, hats, some have on work aprons. The man in the front row, third from the left is Simmie Clement and to his right is W. M. Bisson. In the background is the edge of a building that the W. M. Bisson Contracting Company Building is constructing, located in the McIntyre Block in Laconia