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Name Somes, George R.
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Associated Records

Image of H2010.0281.0004 - Handbill

H2010.0281.0004 - Handbill

Handbill, black printing. "Dramatic Entertainment. at Folsom's Hall on Tuesday Eve, Jan. 26th, 1875, will be presented the Drama in three acts, entitled, Time and The Hour with teh following cast of characters: Mr. HF Moulton as ... Sir Philip Deverell Mr. Dennis O'Shea... Medlicott (a bill discounter) Mr. FP Holt... Sparrow (Franklin's clerk) Mr. JA Mitchell... George Aylmer Mr. LE Lindsay... J. Montgomery Brown Mr. WF Knight... Franklin (a banker) Mr. Clarence Eastman... Charles Franklin (his son) Mrs. F.H. Champlin... Mrs. Montgomery Brown Mrs. Helen Eastman... Marion Beck Mrs. WF Knight... Lucy Fairfax (Franklin's niece) To conclude with the laughable farce entitl

Image of H2010.0281.0005 - Handbill

H2010.0281.0005 - Handbill

Handbill, black printing. "THEATER Folsom Hall Friday Evening, June 30, 1876, The Laconia Dramatic Club! Time and The Hour cast of characters: Sir Philip Deverell.... H Frank Moulton Medlicott ... D. O'Shea Sparrow.... M.M. Robinson Geo. Aylmer... JA Mitchell Montgomery Brown... Llyod E. Lindsay Mr. Franklin.... WF Knight Charles Franklin... C. Eastman Mrs. Montgomery Brown... Mrs. F.H. Champlin Marion Beck... Mrs. Helen Eastman Lucy Fairfax... Miss Abbie Ranlet Duchess of Dublin. Cast of Characters: Dr. Adam Aconite... Henry Story Frank Friskey... JA Mitchell Oliver Oldback.. Geo. R. Somes Silas Sharpset... FH Champlin Dennis Doolan... OL Andrews Peter Plumpf

Image of H2010.0281.0006 - Handbill

H2010.0281.0006 - Handbill

Handbill, black printing. "At Folsom Hall Laconia Friday Eve., Jan. 12, 1877 The Laconia Dramatic Club! will present the great sensation Under the Gaslight!" Cast included Dennis O'Shea H. Frank Moulton George R. Somes Henry Story Clarence Eastman George B. Lane M. M. Robinson Frank H. Champlin TOmmy O'shea Frank W. Story John A. Mitchell W.C. Sherman J. W. Pitman Eddie Somes George R. Leavitt Abbie S. Ranlet Mrs. Clarence Champlin Mrs. F.R. Gammom Idella Bean Jessie Cook Music by Hunkins and Son's Orchestra For sale at WF Knight and Co. FO Hunt & Co Printers, 97 Main Street.

Image of H2010.0281.0008 - Handbill

H2010.0281.0008 - Handbill

Handbill, black printing. "The Laconia Dramatic Club! will present for their first entertainment at Folsom's Hall on Thursday Eve., Aug. 22, the popular comedy entitled 'The Serious Family.'" Cast included J. Willis Lane Frank Moulton George R. Somes George B. Lane Lloyd E. Lindsay Emma Tilton Miss Georgia Stevens Miss Nellie McDougal Miss Bell F. Ranlett Miss Ella S. Stevens The entertainment concludes with a farce "A Regular Fix" with cast: Frank Moulton George B. Lane Mrs. WF Knight James Nichols L. E. Lindsay Georgia Stevens Carrie Coburn Ida Moulton Music furnished by J. S. Hunkins Democrat Press, Laconia, NH

Image of H2010.0281.0009 - Handbill

H2010.0281.0009 - Handbill

Handbill, black printing on yellow paper. "Y.P.U. Officers D.S. Dinsmoor, President Geo. L. Mead, Secretary Wm. F. Knight, Treasurer Board of Managers FP Holt C. Eastman CA Busiel Mrs. Geo. W. Weeks Miss Abbie S. Ranlet Department of Drama HF Moulton Dennis O'Shea Mrs. C. Eastman Mrs. WF Knight C. Eastman, Stage Manager J.S. Hunkins, Musical Director F.H. Champlin, Scenic Artist Folsom Hall, Thursday Evening, April 1st, 1875 Tickets can be procured of the Treasurer after 9am Tuesday, the 30th." Play's include: "The Lady of Lyons" with cast: Frank Moulton, FR Gammon Dennis O'Shea FP Holt WF Knight JA Mitchell John O'Shea Gus. Mitchell MM Robins

Image of H2010.0281.0014 - Newsletter

H2010.0281.0014 - Newsletter

Newsletter for The Laconia Dramatic Club dated April 6, 1877. Advertising the comedy "Money" starring: H. Frank Moulton Mark M. Robinson J. Henry Story George R. Somes John O'Shea F.R. Gammon Dennis O'Shea Clarence Eastman W.C. Sherman Fred Story Mrs. Clarence Eastman Mrs. SMS Moulton Mrs. F.R. Gammon Music by Belknap Orchestra. Includes Advertisements for: OL Andrews, painter Gammon's dress goods JR Champlin telescopes, microscopes, field glass, opera glass WF Knight & Co. dry goods O'Shea Bros. Department Store Otis Beamon- boots, shoes Laconia Dining Rooms, SB Cole prop. Mansur & Knight Furniture Ladd & Keasor groceries Richard GOve- watches, clocks, jewelry