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Name Story, Fred W.
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Associated Records

Image of H2010.0281.0002 - Handbill

H2010.0281.0002 - Handbill

Handbill, black printing. "Folsom Opera House, Laconia, Thursday Eve., Feb. 18, 1886. Dramatic Entertainment under the auspices of the Young Folks' Social Union, assisted by members of the Laconia Dramatic Club. Program: Overture... Orchestra Impersonation of Miss Maloney who speaks on the Chinese question... Miss Merrill Music.... Orchestra The Flower of the Family (a comedy in three acts) Cast of Characters: Abner Howland, a merchant... Mr. Albert C. Moore Oscar Loring, his ward.... Mr. Walter Wiggin Tom Howland, his nephew... Mr. Perce F. Parker Policy Newcomb, an insurance agent... Mr. Fred W. Story Spicer Spofford, clerk in an insurance company... Mr. Geo. R.

Image of H2010.0281.0006 - Handbill

H2010.0281.0006 - Handbill

Handbill, black printing. "At Folsom Hall Laconia Friday Eve., Jan. 12, 1877 The Laconia Dramatic Club! will present the great sensation Under the Gaslight!" Cast included Dennis O'Shea H. Frank Moulton George R. Somes Henry Story Clarence Eastman George B. Lane M. M. Robinson Frank H. Champlin TOmmy O'shea Frank W. Story John A. Mitchell W.C. Sherman J. W. Pitman Eddie Somes George R. Leavitt Abbie S. Ranlet Mrs. Clarence Champlin Mrs. F.R. Gammom Idella Bean Jessie Cook Music by Hunkins and Son's Orchestra For sale at WF Knight and Co. FO Hunt & Co Printers, 97 Main Street.

Image of H2010.0281.0007 - Handbill

H2010.0281.0007 - Handbill

Handbill, black printing. "Folsom Hall One Night Only Friday Eve., April 19, 1878 The Laconia Dramatic Club! will present for the first time, the thrilling drama, in a prologue and four acts, of The Streets of New York!" Cast included John O'Shea Jr. Mark M. Robinson H. Frank Moulton Dennis O'Shea J. Henry Story Jas. A. Ellis Fred W. Story Alex. S. Young George Edward Stevens Idella J. Bean Mrs. S.M.S. Moulton Nellie Whicher Abbie S. Ranlet "The prologue occurs during the commercial panic of 1837. The remainder of the drama takes place during the panic of 1857." Music by Story's Orchestra For sale at WF Knight and Co. Truland Printers, 126 Main Street.

Image of H2010.0281.0011 - Program

H2010.0281.0011 - Program

Theater program printed on pink paper. "The Laconia Dramatic Club at Folsom Hall, Laconia. on Tuesday Evening, April 19th, 1881 'The Skeleton Witness' with new scenery by O.L. Andrews The entertainment will commence wiht teh Laughable Farce entitled 'Betsey Baker' or 'Too Attentive by Half'" Cast: Fred W. Story John O'Shea Jr. Miss I. J. Bean Mrs. S.M.S. Moulton "The Skeleton Witness" cast: J. Henry Story Charles W. Whitton Albert C. Moore Fred W. Story M. B. Plummer Frank H. Champlin Dennis O'Shea John W. Ashman John B. Jewett P. E. Boyle Frank S. Mead Miss Nellie Whitcher Mrs. S.M.S. Moulton Miss Jennie Mead Miss Jessie Cook Music furnished by Story'

Image of H2010.0281.0012 - Card, Trade

H2010.0281.0012 - Card, Trade

Trade card for the Laconia Dramatic Club advertising the theatrical play "Comrades" to be performed at the Folsom Opera House, Tuesday Eve, Jan. 11, 1887. Cast includes: George R. Leavitt Albert C. Moore Walter Wiggin Fred W. Story Miss Nellie Whicher Miss Annie Leavitt Miss Nan H. Little Printed by Democrat Press.

Image of H2010.0281.0013 - Program

H2010.0281.0013 - Program

Theater program/ booklet with image of an easel on the cover with two paintings attached- one a ship and one a burning ship sinking. "The Laconia Dramatic Club" (includes a small article about the club and its history) at Folsom Opera House, April 14, 1887. (FD Ellis manager) doing "Nevada" Cast Includes: AC Moore MB Plummer GR Leavitt FGH Osgood FW Story WS Wiggin FE Lincoln BF Story Miss Nellie Whicher Miss Jessie L. Phelps Miss Nan H. Little Advertisers include: W. Boyle Jr. & Co.- confectionary, cigars, tobacco, newspapers Story's Drug Store Johnson Bookstore, prop. JF Harriman, 82 Main St Sanders Bros. stoves and refrigerators, 108 Main St Melcher & Prescott

Image of H2010.0281.0014 - Newsletter

H2010.0281.0014 - Newsletter

Newsletter for The Laconia Dramatic Club dated April 6, 1877. Advertising the comedy "Money" starring: H. Frank Moulton Mark M. Robinson J. Henry Story George R. Somes John O'Shea F.R. Gammon Dennis O'Shea Clarence Eastman W.C. Sherman Fred Story Mrs. Clarence Eastman Mrs. SMS Moulton Mrs. F.R. Gammon Music by Belknap Orchestra. Includes Advertisements for: OL Andrews, painter Gammon's dress goods JR Champlin telescopes, microscopes, field glass, opera glass WF Knight & Co. dry goods O'Shea Bros. Department Store Otis Beamon- boots, shoes Laconia Dining Rooms, SB Cole prop. Mansur & Knight Furniture Ladd & Keasor groceries Richard GOve- watches, clocks, jewelry

Image of H2011.0151.0001 - Program

H2011.0151.0001 - Program

Item is a program for a recital to take place at the Laconia Masonic Hall. The cover reads, "Shakesperian Recital; Mr. Hannibal A. Williams, of New York will give his first Private Shakesperian Recital, in Laconia NH, at Masonic Hall, Saturday, February 27, 1897, King Henry IV. You are cordially invited to be present." Inside patrons of the recital are listed. See People field for names. The back indicated that the item was printed by News and Critic.

H2011.0154 - Documents

Collection pertains to the building of the Concord and Montreal Railroad in Laconia NH. It includes many letter, invoices, etc. addressed to Mr. Robinson.