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Associated Records

Image of H1980.0004.0001 - Print, Photographic

H1980.0004.0001 - Print, Photographic

This black and white photograph depicts a parade in Lakeport Square. The image is photographed looking northwest, possibly from a second floor window of the Opera House. At the right, one can see a crowd of people gathered at the corner of Clinton Street and Union Avenue. There is a street lamp (?) post in the foreground and an American Flag flying at the right margin. (There is a line across this corner of the image, suggesting that the glass plate negative may have been broken at the time that this was printed) A chestnut horse with blaze and left hind sock heads south on Union Avenue, toward Laconia. He pulls a buggy with two passengers. Behind is a Laconia Street railw

Image of H1987.0014.E.0059 - Print, Photographic

H1987.0014.E.0059 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph depicting the Information booth located downtown beside the Passenger Station in Laconia. A woman and children stand around the building. Flower boxes are being assembled outside each window. Stencils of sailboats have been painted on the shutters.

Image of H1987.0014.X.0014b - Print, Photographic

H1987.0014.X.0014b - Print, Photographic

This black and white photographic postcard depicts the Laconia Country Club. A man and two women play golf while a caddy boy stands to the side holding the flag and bag of clubs. The women are in white dresses. The man in dark trousers, a white shirt and cap.

Image of H1987.0014.X.0014c - Print, Photographic

H1987.0014.X.0014c - Print, Photographic

This black and white photographic postcard depicts the Laconia Country Club. A group of men play golf while caddy boys stand to the side holding the bags of clubs. People mill around in the background beside the club's main building. The men wear argile socks, golfing trousers, sweaters, caps, and shirts with ties.

Image of H2007.0002.0040 - Print, Photographic

H2007.0002.0040 - Print, Photographic

Matted group photograph of 13 people on a dock beside a lakeside summer cabin. The women are in dresses/bathing suits and the men at back are in bathing suits. The front row holds two oars. A small boat is seen in the foreground at left. George Cantin sits second from the left wearing a white hat, dark suit with white collar shirt and tie. A 1.5 story cabin is at right with wrap-around porch on at least two sides of the house. Photograph is glued to mat that's glued to a black cardboard mat.

Image of H2007.0011.0393 - Print, Photographic

H2007.0011.0393 - Print, Photographic

Black and white studio portrait of a little boy with dari curly hair, wearing a plaid suit. He has light curly hair and sits in a stuffy chair. Handwritten caption reads, on front, "Walter Brooth- son of Mary Brooth?"

Image of H2007.0118.0001 - Print, Photographic

H2007.0118.0001 - Print, Photographic

Black and white reprinted photograph of small ice cream stand at The Weirs selling Turnbull's Ice Cream and Coca Cola. Family of employees stand out front. c.1910. Cottages line the background. A sign our front reads "It's Delicious. Turnbull's Ice Cream. Served Here. J.G. Turnbull Co., Orleans, VT" Another sign in the front reads "Ice Cream". The counter is lined with a rootbeer barrel, soda bottles, coffee urn, jar of pickles and other items, and drinking glasses. A banner on the side of the stand reads "Coca Cola"

Image of H2008.0057.0009 - Print, Photographic

H2008.0057.0009 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph snapshot of the interior of the civil defense watch tower on Taylor Street, staffed by Laconia Ground Observer Corps volunteers. A young man sits at a chair talking on the telephone. He wears jeans, white socks, black slip-on shoes, and a polo shirt. Another young man sits across from him, just out of view. SIgnage hangs on the walls. The windows are open. An area rug is on the floor.

Image of H2008.0123.0004 - Print, Photographic

H2008.0123.0004 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph the Sacred Heart Church parish's first holy communion class. Father George Chicoine and a nun sit at front center. The children are dressed up behind. The altar is in the background of Sacred Heart Church.

Image of H2008.0123.0005 - Print, Photographic

H2008.0123.0005 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph a Sacred Heart Churh's school class, possibly the First Holy Communion class. Girls are on the left in uniforms of dark jumpers, white blouses with peter pan collars, white stockings and shoes. Boys are on the right in suits with white collar shirts and ties. On the wall of the school is the sign "Eglise du Sacre Coeur. Dimanche. Messes. 600, 700, 800, 900, 100, 1130." (Sacred Heart Church. Sunday. Masses.)

Image of H2008.0123.0008 - Print, Photographic

H2008.0123.0008 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of a large Catholic funeral procession, possibly at Sacred Heart Church. A casket is being lowered into the ground beside a monument. At right, through the trees, is a brick church with stained glass windows. At back is another brick building with columns at entrance. A line of priests surround the casket. People, dressed in black, watch on.

Image of H2008.0169.0003 - Negative, Film

H2008.0169.0003 - Negative, Film

This black and white negative taken from a copy print of a photograph. Depicts Busy Corner in Laconia at the intersections of Union Ave and Church Street. View looking from Union Ave towards Church Street. The Busy Corner Store, Simineau's, is at center with a view of the rear parking lot with a 2-pump gas station and dwelling houses. A young man stands in the doorway to the store. A man pumps gasoline at his car at the gas station. Two children (boy and girl) sit outside of their house at left. A car is parked in their driveway. The Scott & Williams Company building is at right margin.

Image of H2008.0169.0004 - Negative, Film

H2008.0169.0004 - Negative, Film

This black and white negative taken from a copy print of a photograph. Depicts a group photograph of school children outside of Sacred Heart Church near Busy Corner area of Laconia. The convent is behind the church.

Image of H2009.0029.0001 - Print, Photographic

H2009.0029.0001 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph adhered to dark gray matboard depicting a group of men, women and children standing outside of a large building with sign reading "Boarding House". The 2.5 story building has a gable entrance, tall 2/2 windows, a front porch on the first level, two entrances (one with attached screen door), vertical clapboarding on the first floor, and window boxes with vines growing upward on second floor windows. Hanging on the front of the building is a wall clock, a lantern, a train schedule for the Boston & Maine Railroad, and a framed print or photograph. Approximately 110 people stand in front, facing the camera. Most of the men have removed their hats. The group

Image of H2009.0098.0001 - Print, Photographic

H2009.0098.0001 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of the interior of the Laconia Passenger Railroad Station on Depot Street in Depot Square/ Veterans' Square in downtown Laconia. Benches line the center of the room. A man in service uniform (Korean War era?) stands at right. Two people purchase tickets at the ticket counter at back center.

Image of H2010.0238.0001 - Album, Photograph

H2010.0238.0001 - Album, Photograph

Album of tiny tintype portraits of males, females, adults and children. Some spaces are missing an image. Album is mostly full. Album has ornate cover and back as well as a small metal clasp. Written inside cover, "C. J. Lougee."

Image of L1953.0001.0002 - Print, Photographic

L1953.0001.0002 - Print, Photographic

This black and white photograph depicts the view north along Main Street, Laconia. The image is taken south of the Main Street Bridge over the Winnepesaukee River. The street is dirt with cable car tracks at the left (west) side. There is a man on a bicycle near the center of the image. He wears a cap and dark suit and pedals north. Both sides of the street are crowded with people and vehicles. There may be a fountain (?) in the distance in the street. At the left side of the street one can see the Knights of Pythia lodge at Smith Block in the foreground. This building is brick with gable roof running parallel to the main street. It is three floors with large windows with grani

Image of L1978.0001.0042 - Print, Photographic

L1978.0001.0042 - Print, Photographic

This black and white photograph depicts four workmen, three boys, and a gentleman who is most likely the foreman standing at the edge of a street. The men appear to be at work grading or paving (tarring) the road. The road is dirt and there is a pile of manure at the right. The three of the workmen hold tools, the heads of which are obscured (except one shovel) but are most likely gravel rakes and shovels. The man at the left wears a large hat, lightly colored shirt, and overalls. The man to his left is similarly dressed with a dark shirt and moustache. The man to his left is slight of stature and wears a moustache, neckerchief, lightly colored shirt, and trousers with suspender

Image of L1978.0001.0044 - Print, Photographic

L1978.0001.0044 - Print, Photographic

This black and white photograph depicts a group of 7 young men camping. They are located in a small grass-filled clearing amongst a stand of red pine trees with little undergrowth.The boy at the left is dressed in a suit with military-style cap with three initials above the visor. He wears a pocket watch and stands with his hand in his pockets and his right foot on top of a folding stool. A boy sits on a stool next to him and holds a riffle in his lap. He wears a straw hat, white collared shirt with yarn closure instead of buttons, high waisted trousers, and no shoes. A boy stands behind him with felt hat, jacket, collared shirt, neckerchief, high-waisted trousers, and leather

Image of L1978.0001.0053 - Print, Photographic

L1978.0001.0053 - Print, Photographic

This black and white photograph depicts the Old Corner Store owned by James H. Tilton (later the John Parker Smith Corner Store) located on the south side of the intersection of Main Street and Union Avenue. The building is 2 1/2 stories with gable roof running perpendicularly to the main street. The roof appears to be sheathed in wooden shingles and has three brick chimneys, one at the west end of the structure and two at the east, set down from the ridge. The building is sheathed on the north facade in lightly painted clapboards and with white painted brick facing on the east facade. The windows on the north facade are 12/8 on the second floor and 2/2 on the first. There is