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Name Lakeport
Number of Archive records 113
Number of Library records 1
Number of Object records 4
Number of Photo records 252

Associated Records

Image of H2007.0011.0451 - Records

H2007.0011.0451 - Records

Item is a hand-written family register featuring colorized pen and ink prints above the four categories of information: 1-family names, 2-born when and where, 3-married, when, where and by whom, and 4-died when and where. Names included under parents heading include Joseph B. Farnham and Betsey Merrill. Names included under children heading include Sarah B Farnham, Harriet M. Farnham, Nancy W. Farnham; Jeremiah S. Jewett, Harriett M. Farhnam; Martin Wilbur Jewett. The other three categories are filled out accordingly for each of the three generations listed. See biographical information in People field.

Image of H2007.0011.0458 - Announcement

H2007.0011.0458 - Announcement

Item is an announcement for a "Benefit of Lakeport Fire Sufferers." It has black bold print on a plain sheet of paper. It reads, "William J. Kelley and his excellent company of players in Lord Lytton's Play, 'The Lady of Lyons'; Moulton Opera House, Laconia NH; Saturday evening, May 30, Memorial day; Under the auspices of Laconia Council, No. 428, Knights of Columbus. Proceeds to be given to Mayor Melcher to be expended for the benefit of the sufferers of the disastrous Lakeport fire."

Image of H2007.0029.0003 - Scrapbook

H2007.0029.0003 - Scrapbook

Item is a scrapbook from the Laconia Police Department started in 1905 by H. K. W. Scott. The front features a color cartoon cut-out of a police officer and criminal pasted to the black cover. All pages are black. Inside cover reads, "H. K. W. Scott, May 1905." See container list for page-by-page details on any information relating to Laconia or the Laconia area.

Image of H2008.0086.0001 - Postcard

H2008.0086.0001 - Postcard

Color postcard depicting Lake Paugus. A steamship and motorized boat float along the water. Buildings line both sides of the shore. "Copyright 1906 by Detroit Publishing Co."

Image of H2010.0039.0002A - Menu

H2010.0039.0002A - Menu

Item is a menu from the Shore Diner in Paugus Bay. It consists of a clear plastic sheath with reinforced black cloth edges and silver metal corners. Inside the plastic are papers which make up the front cover, insides and back cover. The front cover reads, "Shore Diner Paugus Bay-Lake Winnipesaukee; Karl Stierle, Prop. U.S.Route 3 Lakeport, New Hampshire." The writing is in red and the background is a wood-grain pattern. There is an icon of a coffee cup as well. On the cover in black pen, "Laconia Hospital School of Nursing Spring Formal March 10th 1956." The inside features two yellowed pieces of paper with the complete menu. It features steaks, dinners, dalads, breakfasts, beverag

Image of H2010.0143.0001 - Card, Trade

H2010.0143.0001 - Card, Trade

Item is a card for the R. H. Smith Company in Lakeport. It features blue text on a white card.

Image of H2010.0143.0002 - Card, Trade

H2010.0143.0002 - Card, Trade

Item is a card for the Day's Foxy Store in Lakeport. It featues blue writing on a white card, front and back.

Image of H2010.0143.0005 - Booklet

H2010.0143.0005 - Booklet

Item is a brochure for Beryl H. Plummer White Mountain Advertising Associates in Lakeport. It includes a black and white sketch of a man on the cover, a map of the area on the back, and more black and white sketches as well as text about the company in the foldout.

Image of H2010.0160.0001 - Postcard

H2010.0160.0001 - Postcard

Item is a colored postcard featuring a bird's-eye view of Lakeport and Lake Opechee. Caption reads, "Birdseye view of lakeport and Lake Opechee, Lakeport, N.H." Includes handwritten note and address ont he back, as well as a postmark and postage stamp.

Image of H2010.0160.0002 - Print, Photographic

H2010.0160.0002 - Print, Photographic

Item is a copy of a black and white postcard featuring "Elmer A Brook's Eat Shoppe." It is a one-story gable-roofed building with several signs which read, "Dining Room," "Ice Cream," "Dinner," "Sandwiches..." Evidence of a postmark has copied.

Image of H2010.0223.0001 - Booklet

H2010.0223.0001 - Booklet

Item is a booklet meant for mailing. Its cover features a "from" line as well as a three-line "to" space and a spot for a postage stamp. It reads, "Souvinir Letter, Lakeport NH," and "Walter D. Heath, Jewelry Store, 773 Union Avenue Lakeport NH." Inside are eight black and white images from around Lakeport and Laconia NH. See Search Terms for image subjets.

Image of H2011.0003.0001 - Booklet

H2011.0003.0001 - Booklet

Small advtertising booklet for "The Lakeport National Bank, Lakeport, New Hampshire. Established 1892... June 30, 1970." Financial statement listed inside. Directors listed on backside.

Image of H2011.0003.0002 - Booklet

H2011.0003.0002 - Booklet

Small advtertising booklet for "The Lakeport National Bank, Lakeport, New Hampshire. Established 1892... June 30, 1970." Financial statement listed inside. Directors listed on backside.

Image of H2011.0018.0009 - Scorecard

H2011.0018.0009 - Scorecard

Item isbaseball scorecard with many advertisements on it.

Image of H2011.0047.0001 - Booklet

H2011.0047.0001 - Booklet

Booklet entitled, "Good Food: how to cook it and where to get it." It has a light brown cover with black writing and detail. Inside pages includes recipies and advertisements to local stores.

Image of H2011.0158.0046 - Postcard

H2011.0158.0046 - Postcard

Item is a black and white cardstock postcard featuring the Union Avenue Baptist Church. Printing includes an invitation to Ralley Day at the church on October 12, 1913. Back is blank except for "from" in pencil.

Image of H2011.0063.0003 - Booklet

H2011.0063.0003 - Booklet

Item is a booklet held together by staples. The cover reads, "Roster Department of New Hampshire Grand Army of the Republic 1927 Headquarters State House, Concord," and features a pin with badge. It was "printed for the department."

Image of H2011.0113.0007 - Postcard

H2011.0113.0007 - Postcard

Colorized postcard depicting "Moonlight, Lake Winnipesaukee NH." It features a view of the lake at nighttime. There are clouds above the lake and behind the clouds is the moon casting light on the water below. In the background are mountains. The back of the card has never been written on. Postcard was made in Germany for C. D. Andrews of Lakeport NH.

Image of H2011.0124.0002B - Card, Greeting

H2011.0124.0002B - Card, Greeting

Item is a paper Christmas Card featuring a red, bladk and white image of Santa on the front. The card opens up horizontally. Inside is a money holder flap which is red and reads, "Merry Christmas." There is a cut-out where the face of the President on the bill inside would be.

Image of H2011.0124.0003 - Form, Order

H2011.0124.0003 - Form, Order

Item is a paper order form for the ordering of checks form the Lakeport National Bank. It requires the orderer to enter in the date and a monetary amount as well as his or her address and signature. One edge is perferated as if it was once attached to a book of like papers. It is a blank form.