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Name Main Street
Number of Archive records 140.0
Number of Library records 0.0
Number of Object records 40.0
Number of Photo records 619.0

Associated Records

Image of H1985.0014.J.0016 - Postcard

H1985.0014.J.0016 - Postcard

Item is a postcard featuring Main Street, Laconia NH. In view is a dirt road with several horse-drawn carriages driving and parked, several storefronts and shops, a church , and sidewalks. Some signs read, "Charles Fortier, G. H. Perkins, New York Clothing." Published by G. W. Morris, Portland, Maine.

Image of H1985.0020.F.0007 - Card, Trade

H1985.0020.F.0007 - Card, Trade

Item is a tradecard advertising for "Glenwood Ranges and Heaters." It features a colored image of a young girl with long curly hair dressed in a green dress and hat. The hat reads, "Glenwood." In the bottom left corner, "J. Ottman Lith. Co. NY, Over." The back of the card features a black and white image of a Glenwood stove and reads, "Glenwood Ranges, Make cooking easy and housekeeping a pleasure; Sold by Geo. A. Sanders Laconia NH." On back in pencil, "Evelyn P..."

Image of H1985.0020.F.0008 - Card, Trade

H1985.0020.F.0008 - Card, Trade

Item is a tradecard advertising for the "Fischer Piano." It features a colored image of an elegantly dressed couple in an ourdoor patiospace. They appear to be going to dance. The back of the card features text about the Fischer Piano. the reads, "Established 1840 Fischer Pianos; Are the embodiment of all those qualities that make them unequaled in Tone, Durability and Finish; for sale by Bailey's Music Store 616 Main St. Laconia NH."

Image of H1985.0020.F.0010 - Card, Trade

H1985.0020.F.0010 - Card, Trade

Item is a tradecard advertising for "Glenwood Ranges." It reads, "Glenwood Ranges Make Cooking Easy." The front features a blond young girl in a purple hooded cape and yellow top. There are flowers in front of her. The back of the card features a black and white image of the product and reads, "Bakes Twelve Pies at Once; The Glenwood Home Grand range with asbestos lined oven, and two oven shelves, bakes three rows of food evenly at once. The Asbestos Lining triples baking capacity and saves coal; 'Makes Cooking Easy'; Glenwood J. S. Smith and Co, Laconia NH."

Image of H1985.0020.F.0012 - Card, Trade

H1985.0020.F.0012 - Card, Trade

Item is a tradecard advertising for Ball's Health Preserving Corsets. The front features a colored picture of a woman wearing the corset standing in table with a vase of flowers and a chair with a doll on it. The woman points to a scroll which has on it a list of features of the corset. The back of the card features 8 reasons why the corset is good for a woman's health. It also features an advertisement for Lougee Brothers Dry Goods and Carpet Dealers.

Image of H1985.0020.F.0015 - Card, Trade

H1985.0020.F.0015 - Card, Trade

Item is a tradecard advertising for the "Conqueror Wringer." It features a black, white and tan image of three women baking in a kitchen. The picture's caption reads, "Baking Day." To the side is the product being advertised. In the bottom corner is, "Donaldson Brothers, Five Points NY." The back of the card features the same, large image of the product in black and white. It lists five reasons the product is better than its competetors and tells a store where the product may be purchased. The store is, "S. W. Sanders Stoves, Furnaces, 108 Main Street Laconia NH." On back in pencil, "Evelyn."

Image of H1987.0002.F.0001 - Postcard

H1987.0002.F.0001 - Postcard

Item is a colored photograph postcard featuring a section of Main Street. In view are several shops, many automobiles, utility poles, a church steeple, paved roads and sidewalks, parking meters. Some of the signs in view reads, "Story's Rexall Drugs, Woolworths, Western Auto, Clen Nik Restaurant, Pants, Ice Cream, Candies..." Written on back in pen (where message would go), "1958; Buildings on the left taken down in March 1969; Sold the block where Story Drug Sign is to Urban Renual in 1968." Typed caption on back reads, "Main Street, Laconia New Hampshire; Laconia is located in the heart of New Hampshire's beautiful Lakes Region; color photo by dick Smith; published by Bromley an

Image of H2007.0029.0003 - Scrapbook

H2007.0029.0003 - Scrapbook

Item is a scrapbook from the Laconia Police Department started in 1905 by H. K. W. Scott. The front features a color cartoon cut-out of a police officer and criminal pasted to the black cover. All pages are black. Inside cover reads, "H. K. W. Scott, May 1905." See container list for page-by-page details on any information relating to Laconia or the Laconia area.

Image of H2007.0098.0131 - Ad, Magazine

H2007.0098.0131 - Ad, Magazine

Document is a cut-out advertisement for the "Eagle Hotel, Laconia, NH." Rates $2.00 a day. $10.50 to $14.00 a week. Image at center of the hotel located at the intersection of Main Street and Pleasant Street in downtown Laconia. Three-story structure with porch along first level, dormer windows along top floor, shutters on windows at second floor. People stand outside.

Image of H2009.0091.0001 - Postcard

H2009.0091.0001 - Postcard

Colorized postcard of Main Street in Laconia. View looking north. Eagle Hotel at left. Downtown district blocks seen along right side of street. Cars parked along the dirt street.

Image of H2009.0092.0001 - Postcard

H2009.0092.0001 - Postcard

Colorized postcard of Main Street in Laconia. View looking north. Eagle Hotel at left. Downtown district blocks seen along right side of street. Cars parked along the dirt street.

Image of H2009.0098.0003 - Booklet

H2009.0098.0003 - Booklet

Booklet- guide to "Insignia of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps" with advertisement for American Express Travelor's Cheques available at Lakeport National Bank, 1943

Image of H2010.0105.0001 - Program

H2010.0105.0001 - Program

Item is a program for the "Twelfth Annual New Hampshire State Music Festival" held at the Colonial Theatre May 10th and 11th, 1940. It is a black and white booklet featuring the schedule of events and members of the all-state orchestra.

Image of H2010.0106.0001 - Program

H2010.0106.0001 - Program

Item is a program for the "50th Anniversary of the Laconia Building and Loan Association" held at the Colonial Theatre on Monday, January 17, 1938. The cover features gold writing and borders and the inside features black writing and borders. The text includes names of speakers and artists.

Image of H2010.0109.0001 - Program

H2010.0109.0001 - Program

Item is a program booklet for a production of Godspell at the Colonial Theater on Thursday, May , 1973. The cover is black, red, and white and features a drawing of a head. Inside the front cover in pen, "Ethel Peters."

Image of H2010.0112.0001 - Program

H2010.0112.0001 - Program

Item is a program for the Re-Dediation of the Congragational Church of Laconia's third house of worship. It is dated "December 13, 1928 to January 13, 1929." The front cover features a black and white image of the church and lists the minister and pastor. Inside the text covers names of those involved in the restoration and dedication committees, order of events, members of chorus, members, donations, and details of the restoration. Inside the back cover is a black and white image of the interior of the chuch.

Image of H2010.0218.0009 - Newspaper

H2010.0218.0009 - Newspaper

Newspaper - Laconia Evening Citizen- Thursday, August 27, 1936. Down Memory Lane Edition to celebrate the Acquedoctan. Illustrations related to first mills, Boston & Maine Railroad, main Street, incorporation of town, incorporation of city, first block house etc.... Pages 18-19 have Acquedoctan parade photos, Articles about: summer visitors, festival at Opechee Park, Governor Styles Bridges coming to Weirs, Mrs. Lyman Marshall's garden, collecting Indian relics by Abraham L. Drake, Farrar Tavern in 1860, Laying of cornerstone at Masonic Temple in 1903, Works Progress Administration, history of Water company, history of churches, history of Belknap Mills, history of Main Street, Hist

Image of H2010.0281.0014 - Newsletter

H2010.0281.0014 - Newsletter

Newsletter for The Laconia Dramatic Club dated April 6, 1877. Advertising the comedy "Money" starring: H. Frank Moulton Mark M. Robinson J. Henry Story George R. Somes John O'Shea F.R. Gammon Dennis O'Shea Clarence Eastman W.C. Sherman Fred Story Mrs. Clarence Eastman Mrs. SMS Moulton Mrs. F.R. Gammon Music by Belknap Orchestra. Includes Advertisements for: OL Andrews, painter Gammon's dress goods JR Champlin telescopes, microscopes, field glass, opera glass WF Knight & Co. dry goods O'Shea Bros. Department Store Otis Beamon- boots, shoes Laconia Dining Rooms, SB Cole prop. Mansur & Knight Furniture Ladd & Keasor groceries Richard GOve- watches, clocks, jewelry

Image of H2011.0018.0009 - Scorecard

H2011.0018.0009 - Scorecard

Item isbaseball scorecard with many advertisements on it.

Image of H2011.0032.0001 - Postcard

H2011.0032.0001 - Postcard

Colorized postcard with four images on the front depicting Smith's Variety Store. Upper left photo: Exterior of the building, a two-story brick block with tall storefront windows on the first floor an dsmaller 6/6 windows with granite lentils on the second floor. A long wooden sign with Yellow lettering "Smith's Variety Store" runs the length of the building between the two floors. People and horse-drawn vehicles line the street and stand along the sidewalk. Upper floor sign reads "Bell The Tailor" Upper right photo: Interior view depicting many displays of clothing and housewares. Lower left photo: Interior view depicting glassware and dishes displayed in foreground. Lower right