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Name O'Shea Brothers Department Store
Number of Archive records 38
Number of Object records 19
Number of Photo records 61
Details located in first floor of Moulton Opera House Block, Main St., Laconia, NH

1875: established as sellers of clothing, dry goods, and furniture. "On April 25, 1875, Dennis O'Shea and his oldest brother, the late John O'Shea commenced the dry goods business in a little store in a building which then stood on the site of their present furniture department building." (Illustrated Laconian) The Laconia Democrat had the 2nd floor, shared 1st with Miss Kate Feeley who conducted a millinery store there (1,100 sq feet for O'Shea bros) By Dec, took over Miss Feeley's portion and hired thier brother Eugene as well

1877, spring: John C. Moulton built an addition to the rear of the building, which increased the floor space to 3,440 sq ft.; erected a second addtion of 35 x 18 ft)

1878, spring: leased land to north of site and built a 30 x 70 foot block (combined space of 7,550 sq ft)

1882, Autumn: Laconia Democrat newspaper moved to Mill St, Messr's O'Shea leased that space as well and convinced Mr. Moulton to add a third story (13,000 sq feet, the largest store in New Hampshire)

1886, Spring: Mr. Moulton decided to erect the present opera house block. And O'Shea Bros (Dennis, John, and Eugene) purchased the Mrs. J.H. Story property on Pleasant St (at later site of Kirtland House) and removed their own building there)

1887, August: Moulton opera block completed, Messrs. O'Shea Bros. leased entire first floor and basement (30,000 sq ft)

1890: John O'Shea died and the business was carried on by Dennis, Eugene, and Thomas O'Shea

1901 Laconia City Directory: 566-574 Main Street, Laconia, NH (15)

Associated Records

Image of H2010.0159.0003 - Booklet

H2010.0159.0003 - Booklet

Item is a booklet with information on Laconia, for a tourist or traveller. It has 11 pages of written material.

Image of H2010.0116.0001 - Newspaper

H2010.0116.0001 - Newspaper

Item is a copy of the Laconia Democrat dated Friday, August 10, 1883, vol 35, number 32. Some headlines include, "A Free Railroad Law," "Among the Law Makers," "Our New York Letter," "Submarine Diving," "A Word to Farmers and Milkmen." There is a small piece of paper attached jsut above the heading which reads, "P Pitman july 83."

Image of H2010.0168.0001 - Ledger

H2010.0168.0001 - Ledger

Item is a cloth-covered ledger. It is filled out with pen, almost entirely. A page reads, "Warren's All-cases Docket" in type-print. Includes information such as names and businesses involved in Laconia-area cases and clients.

Image of H2010.0218.0003 - Card, Trade

H2010.0218.0003 - Card, Trade

Item is a business card for O'shea's Clothing Store. It features a colored illustration of two men in business wear with a park, bus and other people in the background. A typed note addressed, "Dear Sir," is on the card, inviting a customer to view the store's inventory.

Image of H2010.0218.0009 - Newspaper

H2010.0218.0009 - Newspaper

Newspaper - Laconia Evening Citizen- Thursday, August 27, 1936. Down Memory Lane Edition to celebrate the Acquedoctan. Illustrations related to first mills, Boston & Maine Railroad, main Street, incorporation of town, incorporation of city, first block house etc.... Pages 18-19 have Acquedoctan parade photos, Articles about: summer visitors, festival at Opechee Park, Governor Styles Bridges coming to Weirs, Mrs. Lyman Marshall's garden, collecting Indian relics by Abraham L. Drake, Farrar Tavern in 1860, Laying of cornerstone at Masonic Temple in 1903, Works Progress Administration, history of Water company, history of churches, history of Belknap Mills, history of Main Street, Hist

Image of H2010.0281.0011 - Program

H2010.0281.0011 - Program

Theater program printed on pink paper. "The Laconia Dramatic Club at Folsom Hall, Laconia. on Tuesday Evening, April 19th, 1881 'The Skeleton Witness' with new scenery by O.L. Andrews The entertainment will commence wiht teh Laughable Farce entitled 'Betsey Baker' or 'Too Attentive by Half'" Cast: Fred W. Story John O'Shea Jr. Miss I. J. Bean Mrs. S.M.S. Moulton "The Skeleton Witness" cast: J. Henry Story Charles W. Whitton Albert C. Moore Fred W. Story M. B. Plummer Frank H. Champlin Dennis O'Shea John W. Ashman John B. Jewett P. E. Boyle Frank S. Mead Miss Nellie Whitcher Mrs. S.M.S. Moulton Miss Jennie Mead Miss Jessie Cook Music furnished by Story'

Image of H2010.0281.0013 - Program

H2010.0281.0013 - Program

Theater program/ booklet with image of an easel on the cover with two paintings attached- one a ship and one a burning ship sinking. "The Laconia Dramatic Club" (includes a small article about the club and its history) at Folsom Opera House, April 14, 1887. (FD Ellis manager) doing "Nevada" Cast Includes: AC Moore MB Plummer GR Leavitt FGH Osgood FW Story WS Wiggin FE Lincoln BF Story Miss Nellie Whicher Miss Jessie L. Phelps Miss Nan H. Little Advertisers include: W. Boyle Jr. & Co.- confectionary, cigars, tobacco, newspapers Story's Drug Store Johnson Bookstore, prop. JF Harriman, 82 Main St Sanders Bros. stoves and refrigerators, 108 Main St Melcher & Prescott

Image of H2010.0281.0014 - Newsletter

H2010.0281.0014 - Newsletter

Newsletter for The Laconia Dramatic Club dated April 6, 1877. Advertising the comedy "Money" starring: H. Frank Moulton Mark M. Robinson J. Henry Story George R. Somes John O'Shea F.R. Gammon Dennis O'Shea Clarence Eastman W.C. Sherman Fred Story Mrs. Clarence Eastman Mrs. SMS Moulton Mrs. F.R. Gammon Music by Belknap Orchestra. Includes Advertisements for: OL Andrews, painter Gammon's dress goods JR Champlin telescopes, microscopes, field glass, opera glass WF Knight & Co. dry goods O'Shea Bros. Department Store Otis Beamon- boots, shoes Laconia Dining Rooms, SB Cole prop. Mansur & Knight Furniture Ladd & Keasor groceries Richard GOve- watches, clocks, jewelry

Image of H2010.0281.0015 - Newsletter

H2010.0281.0015 - Newsletter

Newsletter for The Laconia Dramatic Club dated February, 20, 1877. Advertising the drama "Earnest Maltravers" starring: Frank H. Champlin H. Frank Moulton Frank R. Gammon Dennis O'Shea Mark M. Robinson J. Henry Story George R. Somes J. A. Mitchell W.C. Sherman George R. Leavitt J.W. Pitman Lloyd E. Lindsay George B. Lane Miss Abbie Ranlet Mrs. SMS Moulton Miss Nellie Whicher Followed by the farce "Nan, the Good for Nothing" staring: Mrs. F. H. Champlin Frank R. Gammon George R. Leavitt H. Frank Moulton John O'Shea Music by Belknap Orchestra. Admission 25 cents, Reserved seats 35 cents. Tickets sold at W.F. Knight & Co. dry goods.

Image of H2010.0281.0016 - Newsletter

H2010.0281.0016 - Newsletter

Newsletter for The Evening Guest dated November 23, 1875. Advertising the drama "London Assurance" starring: E. M. Richardson Frank R. Gammon H. F. Moulton J. A. Mitchell Dennis O'Shea Mark Robinson John O'Shea George Cole F. H. Champlin Miss Nellie M. Putnam Mrs. F. H. Champlin Mrs. F. R. Gammon Followed by the pantomine "Enchanted Horn" starring: F. H. Champlin George R. Somes George W. Cole H. Frank Moulton Mrs. F. H. Champlin Miss Abbie Chester Music by Page & Keniston's Full Orchestra. Admission 25 cents, Reserved seats 35 cents. Tickets sold at W.F. Knight & Co. dry goods.

Image of H2011.0018.0006 - Scrapbook

H2011.0018.0006 - Scrapbook

Item is scrapbook containing newspaper cutouts of O'Shea Brothers Department Store advertisements. Scrapbook is has a maroon cover with block lettering which reads, "The Laconia Evening Citizen."

Image of H2011.0018.0007 - Scrapbook

H2011.0018.0007 - Scrapbook

Item is scrapbook containing newspaper cutouts of O'Shea Brothers Department Store advertisements and articles. Scrapbook is has a maroon cover with block lettering which reads, "The Laconia Evening Citizen." One page lists all of O'Shea's employees at the time.

Image of H2011.0018.0008 - Scrapbook

H2011.0018.0008 - Scrapbook

Item is scrapbook containing newspaper cutouts of O'Shea Brothers Department Store advertisements and articles. Scrapbook is has a maroon cover with block lettering which reads, "The Laconia Evening Citizen."

Image of H2011.0018.0009 - Scorecard

H2011.0018.0009 - Scorecard

Item isbaseball scorecard with many advertisements on it.

Image of H2011.0018.0010 - Envelope

H2011.0018.0010 - Envelope

Manilla envelope with printed advertisement for O'Shea's Department Store in black print. "Established 1875. O'Shea Bros, wholesale and retail dealers in Dry Goods, Men's and Boy's Clothing, hats, caps, furnishing goods, furniture, carpetings, and crockery, Laconia, NH." "W.S. Varney, Manuf'r, Waltham, Mass."

Image of H2011.0018.0012 - Journal

H2011.0018.0012 - Journal

New Hampton School literary journal. "LA, G, SF. The Hamptonia. Vol. XI, No. 1, Oct. 1892" Inscribed on top in pencil "Frank's Address" Back cover has large O'Shea Brothers Department Store advertisement.

Image of H2011.0018.0013 - Newspaper

H2011.0018.0013 - Newspaper

Newspaper article from 1968, featuring O'Shea's Deparment Store employees dressed in Colonial period clothing. Celebrating their 93rd anniversary and Laconia's 75th birthday. Each image is captioned with the employee's name.

Image of H2011.0053.0001 - Newspaper

H2011.0053.0001 - Newspaper

Newspaper article from The Laconia Democrat Supplement from November 2, 1882 highlighting a Special Bulletin on the O'Shea Brothers Store. It features an advertisement on the special opening on Saturday November 4, 1882. There is a black and white image of the Main Street store. The rest of the page is filled with small paragraphs of information on a varitey of items for sale at the store.

Image of H2011.0083.0001A - Invitation

H2011.0083.0001A - Invitation

Item is a black and white invitation which reads, "John D. O'Shea requests the honour of your presence at a Preview Showing of the new O'Shea's Department Store Laconia New Hampshire on monday March 23, 1970 from 2:00 to 5:00 o'clock, refreshments." The writing is in a plain black script on a plain white card. Written on back in pencil, "Betty Leahy."

Image of H2011.0134.0001 - Postcard

H2011.0134.0001 - Postcard

Color postcard depicting "Main Street (looking south), Laconia, NH." At right foreground is the Moulton Opera House block which housed O'Shea's Department Store and an opera house. Parker Block with mansard roof is across the street. View from Pleasant Street looking towards Main Street.