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Name Sawyer's Jewelry
Number of Archive records 5.0
Number of Library records 0.0
Number of Object records 1.0
Number of Photo records 4.0

Associated Records

Image of H2010.0109.0001 - Program

H2010.0109.0001 - Program

Item is a program booklet for a production of Godspell at the Colonial Theater on Thursday, May , 1973. The cover is black, red, and white and features a drawing of a head. Inside the front cover in pen, "Ethel Peters."

Image of H2012.0038.0011 - Booklet

H2012.0038.0011 - Booklet

Item is a booklet on the Sled Dog race in Laconia NH in February of 1956. The cover features a black and white image of a dog's head. It reads, "Laconia NH World and New England 100 Mile Sled Dog Champsionships, February 18-18-19, 1956; Belknap County Sportsmen's Association; Program 25c." Inside the race officials and committees and members are listed. See People file for names. Also inside are several black and white images of past races and prizes as well as information on the race and prizes. There is also the list of contestants and a grid for entering start and finish times. Contributors are listed and "Mushers' Queen Candidates" are listed with images. The booklet concludes

Image of L1990.0116.M.0006 - Booklet

L1990.0116.M.0006 - Booklet

This is a booklet on the history of St. Joseph Church, located on Church Street in Laconia, celebrating the church happenings from 1929 to 1979. The cover of the booklet is green with a color photograph of St. Joseph Church. The church is built of granite with limestone trim. It was built in the late 1920s and dedicated on September 12, 1930 by Bishop George A. Guertin, Bishop of Manchester. The picture depicts the church in autumn, with a large maple tree on the far left and red and orange leaves on the ground. The church has a large double door entrance with steps leading up to it. There is a religious statue on the far right on the lawn. The church has a large square tower on the left f

L2012.0040.0001 - Game, Board

This is a board game in the style of Monopoly but with the locations being all Laconia and Lakes Region based. The game consists of a folded cardboard board with printing in the center stating " "The Game of Laconia" and "This edition sponsored by the Laconia Jaycees" as well as "Wheeler-Dealer Michael Glenn Productions' Local Business Investment Board Game/"Personalized For Any City". Also printed in the center is "IRS Tax Audit: Audit Procedure : Roll one die twice. The 1st roll determines the amount of money at stake (10,000 times the number you roll.) The 2nd roll determines if you pay or collect.(Pay the Bank if the number is odd; collect if it is even.) Now go to THE PARK." The other

Image of H1987.0014.V.0023 - Print, Photographic

H1987.0014.V.0023 - Print, Photographic

This black and white photograph with glossy finish depicts a store-front display of products made by Laconia manufacturer, Laconia Needle Co. for Made in Laconia Week, an event hosted by the Laconia Chamber of Commerce (as indicated by a sign in the window). Makers of latch needles and threaded rivets. Display of boxes of needles and rivets and a central display of products. Small label descriptions of how their products work are in view. Display is in the store window of Sawyer's Jewelry. Stamped on back "Ayer's Camera Store, Laconia, NH"

Image of H1987.0014.Y.0003 - Print, Photographic

H1987.0014.Y.0003 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph with glossy finish depicts a film crew from CBS sports news, filming a group of women from the Opechee Garden Club as they plant flowers on the little grass area between Main Street and Pleasant Street. The women plant flowers while a man tests the light with a meter. Another stands behind him with a board. Two men film with camera. At back is F. W. Woolworth's. A sign on the lawn reads "Laconia Shopping Center of the Lakes Region. Long Term Parkign next right. 3-6-9-12 hours." BUildings along the right side of Main Street (east) include: the Laconia Federal Savings building with Hounsell's Laconia Drug Store, Newberry Co. building, Piscopo Block with Coloni

Image of H2008.0038.0003 - Print, Photographic

H2008.0038.0003 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph depicting the Gardens Theater on Main Street in Laconia in the Pemco Block building. The theater marquis reads "Phantom Stallion" (1954), "Uncle Bill and Valley of the Sun". Beside the theater to the right margin is a large billboard for "Pitman Hardware.... Smith Lumber Co." advertising paint. Road work is being done in front of the theater and "Men at Work" signs are placed on the sidewalk. Two women walk by in coats. A man walks by in sweater and trousers. The other storefronts depicted are "Restaurant", "Jack C. Sawyer" jeweler, "Rogers Store", "Music Shop. Gerry's Inc.," "MAC Loans", and "__ Stephen H. ___ Chiropractor." Along the sidewalk a car

Image of H2009.0083.0001 - Print, Photographic

H2009.0083.0001 - Print, Photographic

This black and white photographic print depicts the Pemco Block building on Main Street in downtown Laconia. From left to right are the following businesses: Laconia Music Shop, Gerry's Inc., Roger's Store (stationary, greeting cards etc..), Jack Sawyer Jewelers, Sweetland Restaurant, and the Gardens Theater (marquis seen only). Above is "MAC Loans." The Gardens Theater is playing "Valley fo the Sun" (played in 1954). Cars are parked on the street. A man is setting up a display at Gerry's Inc. in the storefront window. A truck in the street is delivering milk (? large wooden buckets seem to indicate dairy item). A dump truck ahead is tilted down towards the ground. Businesses seen