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Name Scott & Williams, Inc.
Number of Archive records 13
Number of Object records 8
Number of Photo records 83
Details Makers of Knitting Machinery

Associated Records

Image of H2010.0109.0001 - Program

H2010.0109.0001 - Program

Item is a program booklet for a production of Godspell at the Colonial Theater on Thursday, May , 1973. The cover is black, red, and white and features a drawing of a head. Inside the front cover in pen, "Ethel Peters."

Image of H2010.0218.0009 - Newspaper

H2010.0218.0009 - Newspaper

Newspaper - Laconia Evening Citizen- Thursday, August 27, 1936. Down Memory Lane Edition to celebrate the Acquedoctan. Illustrations related to first mills, Boston & Maine Railroad, main Street, incorporation of town, incorporation of city, first block house etc.... Pages 18-19 have Acquedoctan parade photos, Articles about: summer visitors, festival at Opechee Park, Governor Styles Bridges coming to Weirs, Mrs. Lyman Marshall's garden, collecting Indian relics by Abraham L. Drake, Farrar Tavern in 1860, Laying of cornerstone at Masonic Temple in 1903, Works Progress Administration, history of Water company, history of churches, history of Belknap Mills, history of Main Street, Hist

Image of H2011.0012.0010 - Sticker

H2011.0012.0010 - Sticker

Item is a small sticker featuring the black, red, and white logo for the Scott and Williams Corporation reading, "Scott & Williams Inc. Laconia, N.H." It is stuck to its original backing. Folder contains a total of 29 identical stickers.

Image of H2011.0056.0009 - Letter

H2011.0056.0009 - Letter

Item is a typed letter on vellum paper addressed to Harry J. Kelly, treasurer and resident manager of Scott and Williams Inc in Laconia NH. The letter is from Charles F. Shastany. In it Mr. Shastany thanks "Harry" for sending him a copy of "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow." It is dated February 13, 1946.

Image of H2011.0056.0010 - Letter

H2011.0056.0010 - Letter

Item is a typed letter on paper with the Scott and Williams letterhead addressed to Charles Shastany of the United States Post Office in Laconia NH. It is a letter explaining why the Scott and Williams company send him a copy of "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow." The letter is from Ralph E. Thompson, George S.Mumford Jr., Albert E. Page, Harry J. Kelly, and William A. Camp. The letter is dated February 5, 1946.

Image of H2012.0038.0011 - Booklet

H2012.0038.0011 - Booklet

Item is a booklet on the Sled Dog race in Laconia NH in February of 1956. The cover features a black and white image of a dog's head. It reads, "Laconia NH World and New England 100 Mile Sled Dog Champsionships, February 18-18-19, 1956; Belknap County Sportsmen's Association; Program 25c." Inside the race officials and committees and members are listed. See People file for names. Also inside are several black and white images of past races and prizes as well as information on the race and prizes. There is also the list of contestants and a grid for entering start and finish times. Contributors are listed and "Mushers' Queen Candidates" are listed with images. The booklet concludes

Image of H2012.0050.0001 - Image, Digital

H2012.0050.0001 - Image, Digital

Item is a digital scan of a program for a "Testimonial Dinner" for Ruth P. Estes at the Laconia Tavern Hotel on Wednesday, July 25, 1962. The cover features a sepia-toned head-shot of Ruth P. Estes. It also features the title, centered, and the following words, "Debate, Affirmative, Extemp, Rostrum, Championship, Forensic, Tournament, Resolved, Rebutial, Negative Case," around the perimeter of the cover in block lettering. The contents of the program are held together with a red string. Inside the program is one paper, folded. The front lists those the committee holding the dinner acknowledges (see term fields). The interior features the program of events and the dinner menu. The las

Image of L1990.0009.P.0017 - Postcard

L1990.0009.P.0017 - Postcard

This black and white postcard depicts the George D. Mayo Machine Company shop on Union Ave. A sign above on the clapboarding reads "Geo.D. Mayo Machine Company. Knitting Machines" The building is three stories, clapboarded in mid-tone, with dark trim around windows. 6/6 windows are grouped by two around the building. There's an awning above the entrance. A fence with closed entrance is at right and connected to the next building, a 2.5 story building with front awning. A trolley car is seen at left foreground. Houses are seen in the distance at right back.

L1990.0113.A.0004 - Handbill

This is a program for the production of "Fi -Fi of the Toy Shop" at the Moulton Opera House in Laconia on April 5th and 6th in 1918. On the cover is printed "Moulton Opera House, Laconia, Friday & Saturday Evenings, April 5th & 6th, 1918, Matinee Saturday Afternoon" as well as "Fi-Fi of the Toy Shop" and "Produced under Auspices of Laconia High School", "A Musical Extravaganza in 3 Acts, Cast of 200". The program consists of a back and front cover and 13 pages. The inside pages include advertisemnets for Oscar A. Lougee, A.C.S. Randlett, Story Drugs, R.A. Cross Jewelers, Miss D.M. Hilton Millinary, Chase's Shoe Store, C.E. Pinkham Company Grocers, Arlington Cafe, John Morrissey Plumbing an

Image of H2011.0012.0015 - Tag, Identification

H2011.0012.0015 - Tag, Identification

Small metal identification tag stamped with "4908" with two small holes on either side. It is a brass color.

Image of L1990.0116.Q.0102 - Postcard

L1990.0116.Q.0102 - Postcard

This colored post card advertises the City Savings Bank, located on Main Street in Laconia, and a calendar, for the year 1965. On the front of the post card on top is a photograph of a model of the steamship, M.S. Mt. Washington. On the side of the model is lettering stating "Mt. Washington" .Below the picture of the model is printed : "Steamer Moiunt Washington- Built 1872 - Destroyed by fire 1939. Popular Lake Winnipesaukee, N.H. Steamship. Model built by K.E. Hinds, 1935" . Also printed on the front is "City Savings Bank, Laconia, New Hampshire, Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation." On the bottom front of the post card is a calendar for 1965. On the back of the post card is

Image of H2010.0135.0003 - Badge

H2010.0135.0003 - Badge

Object is a metal badge which reads "Scott & Williams, Inc. Laconia, N.H, 1473." It is round with a plastic center and metal rim. In the plastic center is a yellow, orange, and green detail.

Image of H2011.0012.0006 - Nameplate

H2011.0012.0006 - Nameplate

Item is small metal nameplate for the Scott and Williams Corporation. It has black and red varnish and writing in the original silver metal. The text indicated the company's name and logo. It reads, "Scott & Williams TQ-TOQUE Laconia , NH USA." On back in red marker, "83891 Hussey."

Image of H2011.0012.0002 - Nameplate

H2011.0012.0002 - Nameplate

Item is small metal nameplate for the Scott and Williams Corporation. It has black varnish and writing in the original silver metal. The text indicated the company's name, founding, patents, and years of patents.

Image of H2011.0012.0003 - Nameplate

H2011.0012.0003 - Nameplate

Item is small metal nameplate for the Scott and Williams Corporation. It has black varnish and writing in the original silver metal. The text indicated the company's name, founding, patents, and years of patents. On back in red marker, "Hussey."

Image of H2011.0012.0004 - Nameplate

H2011.0012.0004 - Nameplate

Item is small metal nameplate for the Scott and Williams Corporation. It has black and red varnish and writing in the original silver metal. The text indicated the company's name and logo.

Image of H2011.0012.0008 - Clamp, Sewing

H2011.0012.0008 - Clamp, Sewing

Item is small metal tool with measuring lines on it. It has an arm which can be spun to make the claps larger or smaller. Written on it, "Brown and Sharp Providnece RI." Etched into it, "M-5857 ..."

Image of H2011.0012.0011 - Pin

H2011.0012.0011 - Pin

Small plastic with metal pin which reads, "Scott & Williams Inc. 2617 Laconia NH." It has a blue border.

Image of B1993.18.16 - Print, Photographic

B1993.18.16 - Print, Photographic

This black and white photograph depicts the "Wool" display at a trade show of some sort. An exhibit is set up behind a white picket fence with an arched opening with chain across it. In the foreground one can see litter scattered across the concrete floor of the space. The building has white painted walls composed of either brick or horizontal boards. The ceiling is high. A large "Wool" sign hangs from the ceiling behind the arched 'gate'. At the left side of the image three women stand next to a ________ machine with a sign on top of it. The woman at the left wears a name tag. The woman in the center operates the machine. The woman at the right holds a microphone with bla

Image of B1996.12.1 - Print, Photographic

B1996.12.1 - Print, Photographic

This black and white photograph depicts two men and two women standing in a knitting room. From left to right are Rudy Sevigny, Aime Nadeau (Rudy's Uncle), Edna Laramee (in back), and Marion Mitchell. Rudy wears a white collared shirt with sleeves rolled up and dirty trousers. He stands next to an Acme knitting machine that is set with multiple colors of thread. Working on the same row of machines is Aime Nadeau. He is similarly dressed. At the right side of the room is a second row of machines with two women working on them. Edna Laramee is nearly obscured. She wears a plaid dress and polka-dot apron. Standing in front of her is Marion Mitchell, in white dress with floral p