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Summary Book is a light green, hardcover book which reads, "Home Cookery" in gold lettering on the front. It contains dozens of recipes from Laconia women, put together by the Congregational Church of Laconia.
Object Name Book
Author ed. Laura B. Hibbard and Mary Alice Vaughan
Subjects 1900s
Cooking Equipment
Cooking utensils
Food preparation
Women domestics
Title Home Cookery
Published Date 1904
Physical Description green hardcover with approx. 200 pages.
Catalog Number H2011.0148.0001
People Abbott, Blanche N.
Abbott, Mrs. A. W.
Abbott, Mrs. C. S.
Adams, Mrs. John Q.
Atkinson, Eleanor
Atkinson, Mrs.
Bean, Mrs. W. A.
Beaton, Josie
Berry, Dorothy E.
Berry, Mrs. F. G.
Berry, Mrs. Forrest
Blaisdell, Clara L.
Blaisdell, Mrs. J. H.
Blakely, Mrs. G. S.
Brown, Elizabeth
Burleigh, Mrs. E. F.
Burnham, Altie Louise
Busiel, Grace M.
Busiel, Helen
Busiel, Julia S.
Busiel, Mrs.
Busiel, Mrs. J. T.
Butterfield, Edith T.
Chandler, Mrs.
Chase, Clara J.
Chase, Ella
Chase, Mrs. Harry
Chase, Mrs. William
Clifford, Mrs. F. V.
Davis, Mrs. F. R.
Dinsmoor, Mrs. Daniel
Dinsmoor, Mrs. James
Elliott, Mrs. Franklin
Fogg, Mrs. H. C.
Folsom, Eliza A.
Folsom, Mrs. A. G.
Foster, Mrs. T. S.
Frohock, Mary L.
Gilman, Mrs. F. R.
Harriman, Mrs.
Harriman, Rena
Harrington, Mrs. M. B.
Harris, Mrs. Rollin H.
Hibbard, Laura B.
Holt, F. P.
Hutton, Mrs. B. J.
Ide, Mrs.
Jackman, Mrs. J. G.
Jewett, Caroline E. (Shannon)
Jewett, Hannah Laura (Bray)
Jewett, Helen
Jewett, Isabel
Jewett, Marion
Kendall, Mrs.
Kimball, Mrs. Stephen
Knight, Mrs. G. H.
Lacroix, Albert Donald
Ladd, Clara J.
Ladd, Emma T.
Landis, Mrs.
Lane, Mrs. G. B.
Leavitt, Mrs. Charles E.
Little, Mrs. Edmund
Lougee, Mrs. Orman
Lowe, Mrs.
Mallard, Mrs.
Mallard, Mrs. G. F.
Mallard, S. Florence
Marshall, Mrs. Charles H.
Marshall, Mrs. William C.
McCarthy, Mrs. Elmer
Mead, Lizzie C.
Melcher, Mrs. W. L.
Merrill, Mrs. A. R.
Miller, Mrs.
Mitchell, Mrs. J. A.
Moore, Mrs. R. F.
Morrill, Mrs. J. S.
Moulton, Mrs. C. E.
Neal, Mrs. F. P.
Nelson, William (Mrs.)
Osgood, Mrs. F. J.
Parsons, Mrs. G. C.
Phelps, Mrs.
Phelps, Mrs. Fred
Pitman, Clara May
Pitman, Mrs. C. F.
Pitman, Mrs. J. W.
Pitman, Mrs. W. H.
Plummer, Mrs. W. A.
Powers, Mrs.
Putnam, Mrs. A. W.
Quimby, Eleanora
Quimby, Mrs. A. T.
Reeves, Mrs. S. E.
Riley, Mrs. G. W.
Robinson, Mrs. Harold
Rowe, Mrs. Manuel
Sanborn, Mrs. C. K.
Sanborn, Mrs. H. C.
Sanborn, Mrs. J.
Sanders, Mrs. George A.
Sawyer, Mrs. N. D.
Shannon, Fannie A.
Shannon, Francis A.
Sleeper, Mrs. George
Smith, Mrs. James S.
Smith, Mrs. John Parker
Smith, Mrs. R. B.
Smith, Mrs. S. B.
Stark, L. B.
Stone, Flora
Swain, Mrs. R. L.
Tasker, Mrs. George
Taylor, Mrs. Stephen
Thompson, Mrs. Warren
Tibbetts, Mrs. J. W.
Tilton, M. S.
Tilton, Mrs. G. H.
Tilton, Mrs. M. A.
Tilton, Mrs. M. S.
Tyler, Ethel
Vaughan, Mary Alice
Vaughan, Mrs. Charles W.
Ward, Mrs. E. D.
Weeks, Mrs. J. M.
Weymouth, Maude
Woodhouse, Minnie O.
Wilkinson, Elizabeth A.
Roberts, Mrs. Fred
Lord, Mrs. A. H.
Ladd, Mrs. J. C.
Gotham, Mrs.
Page, Mrs. F. W.
French, Carrie A.
Grieve, Mrs. A. R.
Osgood, Mrs. F. G. H.
Brown, Elizabeth
Parshley, Mrs. Herman
Wilkinson, Caroline
Swain, Mrs. M. S.
Mattoon, Mrs. E. E.
Abbott, Blanche N.
Perley, Mrs. Lewis
Blaisdell, Mrs. C. L.
Moulton, Augusta
Folsom, Alberta
Cook, Mrs. E. S.
Lamprey, Mrs. Willis P.
Ladd, Mrs. L. A.
Parsons, A. L.
Pierce, Mrs. A. E.
Hibbard, Mrs. E. A.
Putney, Mrs.
Drew, Mrs. J. Horace
Nelson, William (Mrs.)
Curey, Mrs. H. W.
Jackman, E. E.
Harvell, Emma
Goodspeed, Mrs. S. M.
Dinsmoor, Mrs. Arthur
Atkinson, Martha
Berry, Dorothy E.
Dockham, Mrs. S. E.
Rogers, Mrs. Elmer L.
Brimmer, Mary L.
Hutchinson, Mrs. W. A.

Pitman, Grace A.
Nutter, Ida A.
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